This year Tigrilla joined the transdisciplinary non-profit Bioversum as the Communications Manager. Bioversum is dedicated to the education, integration, and research of process methods inspired by nature, especially in the fields of biomimicry and circular economy. Projects include an innovative solution for islands in the Mediterranean to deal with water/wastewater and the Alphabet of Life, an interactive exhibit of Life’s Principles.

What is Bioversum?

Bioversum is a non-profit organization registered in Austria dedicated to furthering the education, integration and research nature inspired designin particular, biomimicry,  circular economy, and circular design. Our membership includes natural, social, and applied scientists, inventors, engineers, designers, architects, entrepreneurs, managers, administrators, and companies alike who want to contribute to the co-creation of a sustainable future, and as such, collaborate on research and projects that lead to systemic sustainability and serve the common good.


Our Vision is to contribute to the field of eco-friendly innovation and address sustainability issues through collaborative design approaches.

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