Tigrilla Gardenia - Consultant: Business development, Communications, Training

A good consultant knows how to listen and communicate. It is these abilities coupled with a wide-range of life experiences that make Tigrilla such an effective consultant. She has her father’s wanderlust to thank for exposing the family to ever changing places and experiences since childhood, yet it was her mother that taught her how to listen and learn from every opportunity. She remembers flying to Mexico as a child and having her mother encourage her to learn about the Aztecs so she could bring the knowledge back to school. And in Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA, while her father took the family to American football games, mom took her to see Plymouth Rock and learn about the pilgrims. Ask Tigrilla about her travels, and she will open her suitcase filled with stories of adventure and learning.

From these adventures, Tigrilla has derived the basics of what makes a successful consultant:  be quick to strike up a conversation, because you will be amazed at what people have to offer; listen with your whole body, there is much more said without words; learn languages, people share more in their native tongues; and be succinct yet complete, don’t make assumptions about people or their knowledge.

Tigrilla has a toolbox filled with skill and expertise she uses to deliver on time the results you are looking for.

Training and Mentoring

Creative development inspired by experience and natural-based functions and processes.


Effectively disseminate your project or your services to your target market.

Business Development

Find new collaborators and expand your project across new horizons.

Digital Media Strategy

Easily navigate the information overload and share your story with the world.

With fluency in three languages—English, Spanish, Italian—and working knowledge of several others, plus expertise across scientific, technology, and artistic sectors, Tigrilla can customize her methodology and materials to maximize your results. 

Contact her today to discuss your project needs.

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