Tigrilla Gardenia - Consultant: Business development, Communications, Training

Communicate Your Dream 5-week program

You have a dream. You’ve held this dream, nurtured this dream, you may have even started taking steps to manifest this dream. But you keep hitting obstacles that prevent you from turning your dream into an abundant reality.

Tigrilla Gardenia has a life mission that crosses over into everything she does: To make the dreams of others come true. 

For over twenty years, she has been fulfilling this mission. Tigrilla knows you can’t treat a dream like you would any business. It requires a personalized touch, which is her specialty! 

Business and Communications Consulting for the Natural Leader


Effectively disseminate your project or services to your target market.

Business Development

Find collaborators and expand your project across new horizons.

Digital Media Strategy

Easily navigate the information overload and share your story with the world.

Training and Mentoring

Creative development inspired by experience and nature-based functions and processes.

Tigrilla has a creative toolbox filled with skills and expertise she calls upon to give you what you are looking for. Her background in plant intelligence, cognition, and neurobiology and working with nature-inspired systems such as biomimicry layers perfectly over her ample experience in developing projects and structures from high-tech corporate to the arts and eco-everything.
With fluency in three languages—English, Spanish, Italian—and working knowledge of several others, plus expertise across scientific, technological, and artistic sectors, Tigrilla inspires creative business development using methodologies and materials inspired by personal expertise and nature to maximize your results.
Want to effectively speak about your dream to your target audience? Let’s talk Communications.

Looking for collaborators to take your dream into new frontiers? Let’s talk Business Development.
Need to make it easy to share your dream across the digital universe? Let’s talk Digital Media Strategy.
Overwhelmed by the process and need more business acumen? Let’s talk Training and Mentoring.

Outcomes to this 5-week program:

  • A clear vision on how to organize your dream for success.
  • A unique branding strategy to effectively communicate who you are and what you do.
  • Your business story and how to disseminate it.
  • Clear goals on what to communicate to whom and where.
  • Conversations with who can take your dream to the next level.
  • Direction and contacts to create fruitful business partnerships.
  • Feeling good and having fun as you work on something you know is important.
  • Ease navigating various business environments, from social to bureaucratic.
  • Feel supported in the details so you can focus on doing what you love.
  • Peace of mind that you are on track to manifest your dream.

Communicate Your Dream 5-week program

Four 60-minute training calls with Tigrilla (value 1152€/$1350)
One 90-minute strategy call with action plan (value 432€/$506)
Focused on Communications, Business Development, or Digital Media Strategy
Two 60-minute “Branding your Business Story” strategy calls (Value 576€/$675)
Total Value 2040€/$2390
Pay in Full 435€/$510
2 payments of 255€/$299

Let’s Begin!

Contact Tigrilla if you have questions about your individual needs.
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