Futuro Vegetale


Tigrilla is currently enrolled in a Masters Degree program called Future Vegetale (Vegetal Future) created by professors Stefano Mancuso and Leonardo Chiesi.

Prof. Stefano Mancuso is a legend, the most recognized mind in the world right now on plant intelligence and the destructive human nature of plant blindness, and Prof. Leonardo Chiesi in an international professor of social research methods for architecture, urban design and planning. Together, they created this program to bring the plant world directly into social innovation.

The program is being held at Villa Bardini, a gorgeous garden park in the middle of Florence.

Since she won’t be able to travel like she usually does, Tigrilla is focused on developing projects in this period. Together with colleagues at Damanhur and in Turin, she will be carrying out a first scientific study on the effects of plant music on human health. This research has been a long time in coming and the team is excited to finally be able to carry it out with the help of the Damanhurian medical staff and collaborators from various institutions around the world.

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