While it is common to think that in order to be closer to nature you have to go live in the middle of nowhere, the truth is that we have the greatest opportunity to create sustainable, ecological and happy lives in our cities. It may seem counter-intuitive, but cities allow us to use less space, share resources, and optimize systems.

Now add to that the increasing research into the positive effects of having more green in our cities, and you get to the heart of #natureinthecity. Study after study show us that when our neighborhood streets are lined with trees, crime diminishes, depression levels drop, people spend more time outside and in touch with their neighbors, which increases the physical and emotional health of everyone.

The simple truth is that humans have a need for nature–biophilia, as Edward O. Wilson defines it, states that humans possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life. And since we live the majority of our lives in the city, instead of trying to escape, we should embrace this need and bring the plant world back to the forefront of our urban design. Tree-lined streets, parks, city gardens, and buildings that are equal parts green and concrete are just some of the ways that we can reconnect the separation between our worlds–the plant world and the
human/animal world.

To Tigrilla, #natureinthecity is more than just a catch-phrase, it is about the evolution of city living; it is about actively working to bring the plant world back into the matrix of our urban existence to co-create innovative, healthier living. She is convinced that if we were to do this, together we would build the city of tomorrow where human, plant and planetary needs naturally balance themselves. To do this, we need to acknowledge our biophilic need and invite the plant world into urban planning.

As you walk your city streets–from plazas to the downtown corridor–think about what your city will look like when interspecies collaborations are the norm in urban planning. This is the city Tigrilla wants to inspire you to build. What part will you play?

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