Symposium Proposal

The Use of Plant Music for Human Healing and Interspecies Communication

International symposium to discuss the latest research into how plant music is being used for healing and interspecies communication and its efficacy.

An Introduction to Plant Music

Plant music created by the Music of the Plants gives humankind a new way to connect with nature. With the right tools, plants and trees create music, and Music of the Plants enables this music to be heard in the human realm. At least since Christopher Bird and Peter Tompkins’ seminal The Secret Life of Plants (1973), science knew of plant sentience and recognized many plants as individuals. Music of the Plants seeks to deepen that connection by bringing plant music into public settings and educating the general public about this developing field, encouraging not only a greater connection to nature but also the creation of a more sustainable and tolerant society.

It is vitally important that we encourage and fund this research. Plant music has been shown to have many benefits, including but not limited to: accelerated healing in rehabilitation clinics, enhancing work by healers, a formal study proving blood circulation improves and coagulates less, status of coma patients improves, and individuals find positive results to both medical and emotional recovery. A symposium based around all the work being done on plant music is essential to create a community that will only benefit our society. As one example, the work of Jean Thoby of France would be highlighted, specifically his successful work with a patient where plants created a healing music via amino acid chains expressly for a single patient. With more funding, duplicating Thoby’s work would be possible. Thoby has also created an Annual Concert of International Plant Music first held in Paris at the end of May 2017 with plant musicians from around the globe. You can see a partial list of projects and researchers here.

A Plant Music symposium could have real benefits for humanity as well as the natural world by deepening that essential connection further. We hope you will consider helping us to make it a reality.

If you would like to collaborate on the creation of this symposium, click here to download the full proposal for a Symposium on Plant Music.