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We’re at a critical point in the story of the human species. The challenges we face require leaders and innovators who know how to create resilient, well-adapted solutions. The path forward must be generous to future generations of all life on earth. -Biomimicry 3.8

Using her experience with the Plant World, as a Sacred Woods Temple guide, and with Biomimicry, and drawing from her corporate experience at RealNetworks and Microsoft, creative experience producing events as Infinite Connections and touring with Cirque du Soleil, and as an international teacher and trainer of practical spirituality and digital media strategy, Tigrilla creates programs to help you and your team develop communications skills and look outside to find organic solutions.

Tigrilla asks the question, “How does nature solve your challenge?” and teaches techniques to find the answers. Contact her for availability and rates.


Communications with the Plant World

Damanhurian research into plant sensitivity began more than twenty years ago, resulting in plant driven carts, the Music of the Plants and this course. Through two active days of art, music, and deep contact with trees, you will learn how to perceive the vital rhythm of the plant world and enter into dialogue with them in order to learn from their memories and evolution. With this knowledge, you will create new bonds of friendships with these ancient beings based on mutual sharing and understanding. Much of the course takes place outdoors amongst the trees, where you will learn how to communicate with individual trees, as well as the plant world as a whole, which will completely change how you experience and interact with the environment around you. Click here for a detailed description.


Organizational Sustainability Inspired by Nature

We all know that a garden is alive—birds buzzing, insects eating, and plants… well plants grow: they bloom and sway in the wind… but is that all they do? As humans, we run and jump and play, but plants can’t do any of that. Or can they?

There is much more to a forest than meets the eye! By studying how plants communicate and collaborate with the world around them, we can learn valuable tools for our own team dynamics through both biomimicry and bioutilization. Learn from how plants take care of their children, band together to protect themselves from predators, give off chemicals just to make us human happy, turn the unusable into something useful, and can become sophisticated musicians with the right instrument.

Seeing the Forest for the Trees, personal and team awareness through nature

Studies have demonstrated a wide array of health benefits, especially in the cardiovascular and immune systems and for stabilizing and improving mood and cognition, when we spend time with nature. We tend to think that the only way to experience nature is to head out into the woods, but there is more nature in an office or city environment than you regularly notice. Tigrilla can guide you to see the micro then out to the macro to appreciate both the micro and macro with new eyes and seed new, lasting personal and team partnerships.

Personal Training and Consultations

If you would like to learn more about the latest research around plant music and intelligence to craft your project or create a Music of the Plants installation, Tigrilla is available for personalized sessions. Contact her to discuss the details.


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