Tigrilla Gardenia, Visionary Research, Plant Neurobiology, Biomimicry, Naturepreneur

A Creative Visionary

With comprehensive communication skills, Tigrilla connects with plants and the world. As a professional keynote speaker and communications entrepreneur with a successful career using cutting-edge strategies for building community, she knows how to take a project from vision to completion. A polymath since birth, her extensive expertise includes applied knowledge of plant neurobiology, transdisciplinary team leadership, project management, event production and much more. She currently focuses on interspecies development between plants and humans and nature-based innovations.


Tigrilla’s analytical mind paired with her extensive experience across many projects make her an excellent collaborator. Her visionary thinking is balanced by her practical nature, which gives her the unique ability to speak multiple languages from creative to scientific alike in order to collaborate across many disciplines and bring projects to fruition.

Areas of Expertise and Research

Tigrilla Gardenia, Urban Plantasy and Plant Intelligence

Plant Intelligence /Neurobiology/ Cognition

Not everyone is favorable to the idea of plant intelligence or that plants are capable of complex decision making. Accepting this would mean...

Tigrilla Gardenia, Biomimicry and Nature-Inspired Systems

Biomimicry and Nature-Based Systems

Biomimicry is a nature-based approach to innovation that seeks to solve human challenges by emulating nature’s time-tested patterns and strategies.

Interspecies Research and Plant Music

Interspeces Research and Plant Music

The first time Tigrilla heard plant music, she didn’t believe was she was hearing. Like many people, she thought it was the biological functions of plants...

Tigrilla Gardenia, Naturepreneur

Naturepreneur and Natural Dream Developer

Tigrilla understands that her mission is “make dreams come true”. This, combined with her love of nature, drives her successful career as a..

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