Who Is Tigrilla Gardenia?

Tigrilla Gardenia



Interspecies Researcher and Visionary


Fascinated by nature since her earliest memories, Tigrilla Gardenia turned that passion into her vocation. Her journey started in a polyethnic childhood, led to the corporate world via RealNetworks and Microsoft, co-owner of a circus, alternative dance culture, and a stint touring with the ever-inventive Cirque du Soleil. Currently, as an inspirational speaker and Ambassador for Damanhur Spiritual EcoCommunity, she takes her expertise in electronics and sound and advocates for a greater nature connection and sustainability awareness via Music of the Plants.

Her journey brought her to the awareness that there is a place where all of us can use our talents to create lasting change. In order to help everyone find that place, she holds to six personal tenets: follow your passion, find your community, empathize, choose experience over objects, don’t let challenges—personal or otherwise—stand in your way, and turn ideas into action. She believes a world co-created by humans and plants would be filled with unconditional love and unlimited abundance.

Tigrilla Gardenia has connected with thousands of trees as part of Damanhur’s “Global Tree Network.” She invites people to follow her at #natureinthecity, as well as become involved with other projects such as Badass Goddess, SelfGrail, Infinite Connections, and Scientific Storytelling—and to create their own projects. Only by bringing ourselves into better connection with nature and plants and animals can we create healthy, happy, sustainable lives, not only for ourselves but everything else with which we share this amazing world.

For Tigrilla, daily life and her passionate research are inextricably linked. She hopes to inspire that in you, too.

Tigrilla’s main areas of expertise:

  • Interspecies Art and Design with the Plant World
  • Research into Plant Awareness and Human/Plant Interaction
  • Inspiring Biophilic Urban Centers Co-Created with Plants

Tigrilla’s skills:

  • Visionary on how to work with the plant world in a variety of environments.
  • In-depth knowledge on plant neurobiology and plant intelligence research.
  • Broad project management experience across multiple disciplines from high-tech to social sciences.
  • Proven track record for birthing projects and taking them to conclusion.
  • Applied working knowledge of Biomimicry.
  • Communication expertise across physical and digital domains.

Tigrilla is available for keynote speaking engagements, conferences, workshops and interviews.

For booking information, contact her.

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