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You want to create a sustainable, purposeful, and positive future for yourself (and for the planet). You love nature and you want to make a difference… before it’s too late.

Whether you’re battling imposter syndrome, hesitating to share your work, or struggling to find your creative voice, I help you lead the Naturally Conscious Life you want in collaboration with plants! I’ve helped hundreds of people just like you rekindle their creative fire to fuel the most prolific and productive phase of their career. 

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Nature Inspired Mentor Tigrilla Gardenia


Get the guidance and game plan you need to reach your goals—fast! The best option if you’re ready to eradicate imposter syndrome and take your dreams seriously.


Love connecting with like-minded people? Join my free Naturally Conscious Community, a vibrant online container where you’re seen, heard, and supported.


Learn tried-and-tested tools to connect to the plant world and awaken your creative potential. If you’re an information junkie, these deep-dives will feed your very soul!


If you need an awe-inspiring talk on bio-inspired design, co-creating with nature, or the effects of plant music, hire me as your keynote speaker for your next event.

Turn your ideas into action.

It’s time for your work to blossom! Here’s how I support you to stop waiting for the ‘right moment’ and start getting real results right now.

What’s Your Spirit Wild Plant?

Harness the power of plants to do well by doing good (for yourself, for others, and mother Earth). Take the quiz to discover your Spirit Wild Plant and learn how to receive Nature’s unique wisdom—it’s like having your very own on-call guidance counsellor!

Inspired by nature

I believe in working with the genius of nature to consciously embody your True Nature.

Hey, I’m Tigrilla

The plant world is my passion!

I’m a Nature-Inspired Mentor and ICF PCC Personal Evolution Coach who helps conscious creatives, multipotentialites, and naturentrepreneurs turn their dreams into reality—whether you want to save the world, finally share your evolutive art with the world, or confidently lead the life you’ve always wanted.

After working with hundreds of people just like you, I’ve seen firsthand that using a plant-inspired approach is key to shaping a regenerative future for our well-being, our businesses, and our planet. Natural Intelligence is far more efficient than human cleverness… so we might as well learn everything we can!

I’ve toured with Cirque du Soleil, I adore listening to plant music, and I live in Damanhur (one of the largest ecocommunities in the world). I also speak multiple languages and I’m always learning another one.

If you’re ready to unleash your talents, help the planet, and lead by example, learn more about working with me 1:1 or check out my online courses.

My Blog

Do You Feel This Way?

I’ve been thinking about Fear,  When you play the child-like game of asking “Why?” to find the root cause of a challenge or limiting belief,

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Meet like-minded people and help change the world.

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Our ecosystem of Nature-inspired individuals are breaking free from societal expectations, integrating the wisdom of plants and living lives that feel true to us—with joy, beauty, and harmony.

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