Interspecies Duet: Ilkka the human and Pansy the plant

Mäntyharju, Finland feels like a place right out of a picturesque movie. Birch and pine trees cover much of the landscape, as do the over 420 lakes scattered amongst the trees. There is a tranquility here that I have not felt in a long time. Very synchronic, given the hectic stress I have been feeling for the last two weeks.

I am at Villa Aurora for Kansainvälinen Taianomainen Luonto-ja Vesitapahtuma, a gathering to celebrate water and nature, where Michiko Hayashi from the Emoto Peace Project and I will speak. For my presentation, we have asked a local musician, Ilkka, and some local plants to play together. Ilkka has never done anything like this before, so this morning he decided to come by early to better understand what it means to play with a plant using the Music of the Plants.

For his training, we asked a beautiful yellow pansy I saw yesterday to help. They spent about an hour getting to know each other, each listening to the other play, and here was there first attempt at a duet. Ilkka is on flute and Pansy on piano.

Isn’t it beautiful? I can’t wait to hear how they play after spending more time together!

Would you like to develop interspecies art? If you are using the Music of the Plants or would like to in installations and/or exhibitions, contact me to see how I can help!

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