How can you analyze research study data without a computer?

Help us manifest the last piece needed for our research study:

A Computer for the Research Team!

The research study team in action: creating the research protocol

For years, I have been wanting to do a formal research study on the effects of plant music on human health. In the coming months, thanks to the dedicated efforts of a team that includes myself, two medical doctors, a researcher of medical nanotechnology, and a social scientist, we will be carrying out our first formal research study!

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When I started dreaming of this work, I had no idea how we would get the know-how and equipment necessary to carry out a formal research study. Those of you working in scientific research know how expensive and difficult it can be to get quality instruments to measure the many factors that make up health. Lucky for us, synchronicity has guided us in the formation of a team of collaborators and contributors eager to explore this area.

With the location, instruments, and plant in place, the only thing missing is a computer to record all the session data and do the final analysis. We need a dedicated computer, since it will contain sensitive information and will follow this research study and all future studies we will carry out.

Recently, a message popped up in a community channel announcing the sale of a computer. She is perfect for our needs! And while she may not be available for long, it made us realize that with your help, we can get this type of computer for the team.

Help us get a computer and
an external hard drive for our study data

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Feel free to share this with everyone to be part of a groundbreaking and innovative discovery that could improve human health and bring humanity closer to nature. All results of this and future research studies will be shared freely!

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Tigrilla is a Nature-Inspired Leadership Mentor and World Ambassador for the Plant Kingdom. She helps leaders achieve personal and professional success by integrating nature-inspired innovation in order to bring meaning to Life and make an impact with work.

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