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You Make Research Happen


About a month ago, I asked for advice on how to get a computer for our research study. In the months of planning, the one need we couldn’t seem to fill had been a computer and related hardware/software for the data. Using our own was out of the question, since we had to have specialized—read: expensive—software that most of us access only in school laboratories.

Among the various responses, some suggested crowdfunding. Let me be honest: I was skeptical. My personal experience with other organizations had not been very successful. I am not good at asking for help, but when more people suggested it, I decided to try.

The first few days were not encouraging. I published updates, but I didn’t want to insist. After R., a new and rapidly becoming invaluable member of my team, suggested I reach out more, I decided to use the excuse of the crowdfunding as a way to connect with old friends. I had no idea how many people were not aware of what I am doing with my life. It is easy to take for granted in the age of social media that everyone knows everything about you, but with information overload, it turns out that it is easier to get lost in the noise.

I can’t tell you how many people this campaign has given me the opportunity to reconnect with. The amount of love and support I received reinforced an often forgotten truth that Cleve Backster himself discovered in his experiments with plants: connections know no distance! (Jensen 1997)

The Results of your Generosity

We asked for 1300€, and you gave 1311€! We have the knowledge and professionals to complete our first formal study, and thanks to you, we now have the resources!

  • Research Team checkmark for research
  • Research Protocolcheckmark for research
  • Facilities to host the researchcheckmark for research
  • Pool of research subjects checkmark for research
  • Equipment to measure subject health checkmark for research
  • Music of the Plants device checkmark for research
  • Device to record the sessions checkmark for research
  • External hard drive to save the data checkmark for research
  • Computer to record and analyze the data checkmark for research
  • Computer to record and analyze plant music Checkmark green
  • Software to analyze music and data checkmark for research


computer for research dataAs soon as the funds arrived, we ordered the computer and external drive. A friend also gave us a second computer which will be used exclusively for music. It is such a blessing to have both, since these areas are run by different people; now each group can operate independently. The last piece will be the data analyzing and music software, which will be ordered as soon as the computers arrive.

Your generosity funds research

Where do we go from here?

Your gracious abundance not only supports this first study, it provides a solid foundation for more to come. We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves just yet, but… we are already dreaming of:

  1. A more focused study on the effects of plant music on human health based on the results of the first study,
  2. In collaboration with a biophysicist that works with consciousness and healing, a study on plant awareness and connection.

Keep following for updates on these and other developments!

Just between us…

Confidence is a funny thing. You could be extremely confident in one area, and completely insecure in another. The plant world has taught me so much over the years, and through music, speaking engagements, research, I do my best to give them a voice to express what they have been trying to express to us for centuries.

I am confident that this is the direction of my life. Where I am more unsure is if I am able to transmit everything they are teaching me. It would be so much easier if we had the study complete and I could show you the results. A successful crowdfunding means that you believe in me, in my ability to be that voice for the plant world, as much as you believe that the plant world has a message to be shared. This realization deeply humbles me and I promise that I will do everything in my power to live up to the trust you have shown in me.


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References and Credits:

Jensen, Derrick, The Plants Respond: An Interview with Cleve Backster. Sep 1997. http://www.derrickjensen.org/1997/07/plants-respond-interview-cleve-backster-raw/

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