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Spring/summer in the northern hemisphere means longer days and more activities. While I am getting out and experiencing some of the wonders Florence has to offer, I am also finding quite a bit of wonder in graduate school. We are ramping up for the big final project, and being with such a diverse group is definitely stimulating the idea engine! If you have a chance to go to school or take a class, DO IT!

Once we see nature as a mentor, our relationship with the living world changes

As if Florence weren’t enough, there is quite a buzz of activity in Damanhur! I spent about two weeks there with groups from Finland and Russia and am scheduled to return to show new superstar colleagues in biomimicry, architecture, and ancient knowledge from the peoples of the world my home.

Temples, here we come!

Bionic Journey

On my Biomimic journey, I keep meeting amazing people working on inspiring projects. Last year, I joined the transdisciplinary non-profit Bioversum, and was recently named Communications Manager. (You heard it here first!)

Bioversum is dedicated to the education, integration, and research of process methods inspired by nature, especially in the fields of biomimicry and circular economy. Keep an eye out for our summer Biomimicry workshop, Alphabet of Life educational exhibit, and new website coming soon!

Those of you that do research know that it is a long road. Just when you think you have the right protocol and are ready to begin, some new study comes along and changes all your thinking.

After months of back and forth with our medical consultants, our team on the effects of plant music on human health feels like we finally have a winning hypothesis and testing procedure. The trick now is to translate that into written words for further feedback from the plant neurobiology consultants, who keep pushing for a more robust study. (It still makes me giddy when I speak to these scientists–to me they are at the same level as the rockstars of my music days!)

And that’s not all! Discussions with two other researchers are taking us toward a study on plant awareness to human interaction. To come up with the hypothesis, I find myself reading studies on biological entanglement and learning in different species. Quantum Physics meets my Spiritual Physics mind, love it!

Travel Season Begins

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23 May: back in Montenegro to lead a workshop about plant music and the arts at the Cultural Centre “Vojislav Bulatović Strunjo” in Bijelo Polje for this year’s Green Culture Forum.
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31 May: attending the Urban Futures Workshop in London by Biomimicry UK. This training merges biomimicry, circular economy, social collaboration and systems-thinking!


Tigrilla Gardenia, Interspecies Researcher, Plant Music Communication

Want to know more?

If you want to be part of the conversation around plant neurobiology and social innovation or plant music and communication, reach out via:


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