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Ready to Live Your Dream Life Business

People always ask me how I manage to live my dream life business….

I made a CHOICE

I woke up one day and decided I was šŸŒŸno longer going to wait for permissionšŸŒŸ to start doing the work I had dreamed of doing.

It wasn’t always easy. I left behind a career andĀ life that was safe and, in the eyes of others “amazing”, but it was not MYĀ career and life.

The only thing stopping me from living the life I dreamedĀ of and working on dream projects was me! So I packed up my baggage, and set out to start living my ā˜€ļøDREAM LIFEā˜€ļø

And now, 15 years later, I am ready to share what I have learned with youā€¼ļø

Tigrilla Gardenia - Live your Dream Life - Consultant


If you are ready turn your Dream into a successful, DREAM LIFE BUSINESS, I am here for you!

  • Want to effectively speak about your dream to your target audience? Letā€™s talkĀ Communications.
  • Looking for collaborators to take your dream into new frontiers? Letā€™s talkĀ Business Development.
  • Need to make it easy to share your dream across the digital universe? Letā€™s talkĀ Digital Media Strategy.
  • Overwhelmed by the process and need more business acumen? Letā€™s talkĀ Training and Mentoring.

Communicate Your Dream

5-week Business and Communications Program for the Natural Leader

For over twenty years, I have been helping others make their DREAMS COME TRUE. I knows you canā€™t treat a Dream like you would any decision or business. It requires a personalized touch, which is my specialty!

Let’s Begin…

Fascinated by nature since her earliest memories, Tigrilla turned that passion into her vocation. As an inspirational speaker, Interspecies Researcher and Ambassador for Damanhur, she takes her expertise in high-tech, social innovation, and the arts and advocates for a greater connection to nature via plant music and communication. #natureinthecity

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