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I am a Dream Developer

When you are on the right path, the universe makes sure you know it?

In the middle of a difficult meeting that seemed like an end, the universe sent me a message. The words of my former business partner and artist I managed reminded me that ends are opportunities for ✨new beginnings✨:

Tigrilla saw something in me and many artist I knew. She sacrificed a comfortable life, a comfortable job, etc. She risked everything to amplify this art she loved. She personally lifted me out of the darkest and most depressing times of my life and insisted that I shine brighter. She was an angel when I sorely needed one. Then she became a friend and business partner, fueling the most prolific and productive phase of my artistic career. This kind of complete investment and unbridled passion to drive creation and share it is sorely needed in this world. I am infinitely blessed to have been in the presence of this bold being. Deepest bows of infinite gratitude for a real miracle that changed everything for me and many others.

Dream Developer

It is true, I am a Communications Consultant, a Business Development expert, a Growth Specialist, and so much more. But first and foremost, I am a Dream Developer?‍♀️. I make the dreams of others come true using all those skills.

I enable artists (and I use the term broadly to include anyone that has a burning passion they carry out consciously) to turn Dreams into Reality?

Today, instead of circus freaks and underground talent, I develop Dreams in the sustainability, interspecies co-creation, plant intelligence, eco-everything world… with a little sprinkle of freak and magic?‍♀️

The arts is a main ingredient in my signature touch?

I see art as a door to true change. Trying to get people to change behavior through logic is way too difficult–before you can affect the mind?, you need to touch the heart❣️ In a story, everything is possible!

Dream Developer, Dream Enabler, Dream Maker… call me what you like. Just know that when you have a burning Dream that seems impossible to manifest, find me here?


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Tigrilla is a Nature-Inspired Leadership Mentor and World Ambassador for the Plant Kingdom. She helps leaders achieve personal and professional success by integrating nature-inspired innovation in order to bring meaning to Life and make an impact with work.

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