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2019 Is All About Living Your Dream

Turn Your Dreams into Reality: Living the Dream Life

At the end of 2017, I decided that 2018 would be all about living the dream and my education. It was to be my Dream Year. What I accomplished was beyond my wildest expectations:

  • Moved to Florence
  • Earned a masters degree with my idol professor
  • Brought Biomimicry and Plant Intelligence into major projects
  • Stepped fully into the spotlight with my Communications, Business Development, and Biomimicry Consulting—work life that nourishes my vegetal and human soul on every level
  • Moved back to Damanhur refreshed and renewed!


Now it is time to give back

2019 Is All About YOU. I am dedicating it to guiding your development and teaching you how to make it YOUR DREAM YEAR?

It will be a year of astonishments and amazements at what you will accomplish. I will show you how to turn your Dream Idea into Reality.

Are you ready to:
✨ BRING TOGETHER your ideas into one GREAT PROJECT
✨ SHARE your DREAM PROJECT with the world
✨ DEVELOP your Dream idea into an SUCCESSFUL REALITY

If you said yes to any of these, it will be an ?honor? to be on your team.

?Through December, I am offering a 20% discount for new clients: Click Here and use the discount code ?DREAMYEAR?

2018 End of Year Discount Code / Coupon - Tigrilla Gardenia

Start now or after the holidays.
Booking saves your place, you have until January 31st to start your sessions.

Gift Cards available for friends and family!

Find and Develop Your Great Idea

When you are ready to dedicate yourself to Connecting to, Developing, and Communicating Your Dream ✨ I am here.

Trust me, make this choice, and will be an amazing year for you!

Ready to find the Great Idea buried in all the good ideas and develop that DREAM PROJECT that supports you emotionally, spiritually, and financially


If you have questions or concerns, let’s chat first.

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