The meaning behind your work

The meaning behind your work for your soul mission

I think I have always been aligned with my soul mission, even when I dindn’t think I was. Like many, I was taught that you should get good grades in school, complete your education in a good university in some employable field, then head out into the workforce to find a job. Being from immigrant parents who didn’t really have those opportunities, they made it clear that this was my future. My father left school at age 11 to support his family. My mother always wanted to go to university, but once she left her country at age 18, she went straight into the workforce.

Both my parents worked hard and put in long hours to build a business together based on my father’s talent. After the divorce: he kept the business, she went into real estate, which unfortunately was not based on her talents.

My mother’s example

My mother gave up her dreams when she left her island nation. And since then, she never felt the peace you feel when you are aligned with your soul mission.

She always wanted to help people. Her dream was to become a doctor, psychiatrist, or psychologist. From detective novels to puzzles, Mom loves the way the mind works. But she didn’t believe in her intelligence and talents, and after immigrating to the US, she didn’t believe high-level education was an option. As a result, there is this void I feel in our conversations.

Don’t get me wrong, my mother has lived a wonderful life filled with good friends and great times, But she does not have the personal satisfaction of knowing that she helped others in that special way she was destined to. She never lived her dream, and consequently, never embodied the professional success she deserved for the work she chose instead.


Because that work did not hold the same value to her as her soul’s calling. Without a doubt, her work in real estate helped others find their dream homes and raise families in good environments. But she never saw that as a result of her gifts. It was just something she did to make money.

How I discovered my talents

As you may have already noticed, I am a strange mix of traditional and avantgarde. 

I believed my mother when she told me that an education was fundamental to my success. But I wasn’t going to let “employability” dictate what I studied. Mom went the safe route, and while we always had food on the table, I didn’t see her beaming with professional pride. I wanted more out of life.

Being a pretty presumptuous and entrepreneurial child, I felt in my bones that the secret to success was in doing what I loved with consistency and skill. And more than that, I knew you had to forge your own path. 

University provides standard areas of study, but that doesn’t mean you can’t mix them together to create your own secret sauce. If you are a unique human being with talents and feelings made up of that special combination of experience and past lives, why would you choose a cookie-cutter education and job?! Your talents can only be expressed YOUR WAY.

So off I went to study the two things that I loved most in the world: math and music.

After much soul searching, I settled into music engineering and electrical engineering. It was the first time I stepped far outside of my comfort zone to do something that in my heart I knew was right, even if I wasn’t necessarily very good at it. My principle instrument was piano, and honestly, I am a lousy pianist. I wasn’t even the best engineer, if you use traditional standards.

Why did I study something I was not great at?

Because my inner guidance told me it would provide the foundation to reawaken talents that were necessary for me to accomplish my soul mission. No one told me I had hidden talents. I just “knew”. In witchy experiments with my best girl-friends, I started getting to know my True Self, and she was very clear that there was a mission for me to complete in this lifetime.

She was the one that first pushed me to look for the deep patterns in my behaviors instead of individual skills. 

While I might not have been the best engineer, I discovered I was great at creating in the space where disparate worlds intersect to enable people to transform. The arts and technology, science and spirituality… just some of the worlds I have brought together for evolutionary personal transformation.

University was a challenge, I won’t lie to you. Long hours in the studio and even longer hours in the practice room getting my piano chops up to date, but when I graduated I felt invincible! I did three internships, and had two jobs. Even though I didn’t have a clue what I was going to do, I was confident that the direction could only be created through my actions.

How did I know?

BECAUSE I LOVED EVERYTHING I WAS DOING AND I FELT IT WAS ALIGNED WITH MY SOUL MISSION. The hours would slip by and what should have been exhausting, was instead exhilarating.

Feeling the emotions people experienced during the concerts I engineered and albums I worked on showed me that my skills change lives. And when I got the opportunity to work in high-tech bringing audio/video to the masses through streaming media, I packed my bags, and moved across the country to pursue it.

Money comes when you are on the right path for your soul mission

At RealNetworks, I was part of a revolution that brought music and video to the masses. (Yes, all that Youtube you watch today is thanks to what we created… you’re welcome!) I remember bringing a group of elderly musicians to the office so they could watch a symphony that was being played on the other side of the world. The ladies swayed, and with tears in their eyes, told me how inspiring it was to see a live concert they would never be able to attend in person.

The money in those early Internet days was not as fantastic as you might imagine. Everything was a giant risk, and for many, when the Internet bubble burst, there went their savings. But because I believed so much in what I was doing, the money I made magically replicated over and over again in my bank account. With my modest salary I was able to:

  • support my partner at the time as he transitioned to his dream career,
  • buy my first house,
  • and found my first company when it came time to leave the corporate world. 

When your work is infused with a deep sense of purpose, opportunities align 

If you are true to your “why”, you will see with clarity the path to take

I won’t lie and say there won’t be hard times. Of course there will be. You are a human being still learning how to navigate the waters of life. Fear can be quite loud when you are trying to listen to your inner guidance. Yet trust me, you can quiet the noise. What you need to do is find the right combination of tools for any given fear: a walk in nature, a ritual with your favorite divinity, a spray of that magical essence, the perfect affirmation…. 

And in the silence, your soul mission will set the direction for your next success.

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