Evolving No Matter What Life Throws At You

Looking back to earlier in 2020, I wrote of a particularly uncomfortable feeling. Like you probably, I was feeling that this major shift and change we were experiencing in our world was like having car keys taken away, and my ability to go, do, and be was completely removed from my grasp. 

I remember feeling this boisterous laughter, growing larger and louder by the day, mocking us humans for thinking we have control over the world. As we humbly learned last year, we didn’t. So what is the solution? It’s evolving no matter what life throws at us.

Surrendering to the Present

Much like the greeting tree of my nucleo home, the Himalayan Cedar, has done in ki’s many, many years of life, we all had to surrender to the present day. We had to accept the situation as it came. Waves of feelings washed over each of us, as we experienced loss because of COVID-19 as as we wrestled with the mixed  feelings around this global virus. 

Like you may have read in my earlier post on this tumultuous time, the plant kingdom—as always—can show us so much. During the writing of that blog post, I knew and still sustain the belief that we have encountered a forced stop. This pandemic has put up a great barrier that we’re just now learning to understand: using the barrier in ways we didn’t imagine. For some, the barrier was a kickstart. 

You wouldn’t think that immediately, but many of my students absolutely did. They accepted that they were being forced to sit with themselves, to not find distractions, and to instead lean into to ask those hard, deep questions “Are you really living the life you want to live? Are you navigating the everyday with joy and purpose?”

On The Other Side of a Dismantling

Now that I am 15+ years beyond the dismantling of my previous life—one of unconsciously-ingrained beliefs—I know this journey well of walking a path that seems, at first, unfamiliar. 

Like you, I was in a good job, a loving marriage, and a grinding daily life with a misaligned sense of what it means to be productive and successful. But now? After the re-set? Where do you find yourself?

Although my great re-set was not forced upon me by external pressures, it was  still unavoidable. And today, that change in path started so many years ago keeps me evolving into ways that feel more authentic and natural to my True Nature. Sure, I still have transformations to complete (hello, conscious evolution!). But I’m excited for those transformations. I am excited to step into this new year of 2021 with a pull towards aligning even more with my True Nature and physical and spiritual universe I want to live in. 

We All Operate From Fear

I must admit, like then, I now still say: rarely do I meet someone who does not live with constant fear. That fear drives choices, emotions, and reactions. Those fears are self-driving cars on unconscious highways with uncertain destinations. And it is those fears that navigate this world for you. 

Today, as this year blossoms before you, you have the opportunity to dismantle those fears. You are capable of driving your own vehicle, not letting it navigate you. You can grab the keys, shift the gears, and drive the car forward with confidence. Even if you do not yet know the destination, YOU ARE CAPABLE of navigating your journey. 

Evolve Consciously

Question is, do you want to throw caution to the wind and start down this conscious path? It’s not always easy to dismantle fear and take control. I’ll be the first to admit, this is a challenge. But it can be done.

The plant kingdom and I spent 2020 preparing for you. We have individual and collective tools to share, personalized support, and a community of drivers all working together to banish fear from the driver’s seat and earn new, conscious drivers’ licenses. Join us in our free Naturally Conscious Community to go for a test drive!  

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