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Discover Two-Way Communication With Plants And Reconnect with Your True Nature

Hearing the Communication from Plants

When I first heard the Music of the Plants, I was home at Damanhur, one of the largest spiritual communities in the world. A place I fondly call, “Hogwarts for adults”. 

Walking one day, I heard this sound, something familiar reaching out to me in a language as clear as my native tongue, yet not entirely. I felt drawn to learn more… and discovered this incredible sound was coming from a music box with speakers… connected to a plant. 


Ever heard the expression, ‘’Down the rabbit hole?’’

Well, like Alice in Wonderland, down I went. You see, I was hooked. I was not simply listening to ordinary human melodies—as talented as humans can be. I was listening to an intricate composition of music created by another kind of intelligent being. And I had to know everything about it!

How to Listen to the Communication from Plants

This device, I later discovered, was a musical instrument for plants that distinguishes electrical variations between the leaf and root system of a plant, then turns that into music. 

Music composed by plants!

And so the questions began….

Why Plants? Do plants have consciousness? Can kin remember and make decisions? 

Plant Neurobiology and Plant Cognition are new(ish) areas of research that bravely go against the scientific status quo to bring terms like consciousness, decision-making, and memory into the conversation about plant signaling and communication. Because if they can respond to another’s musical melody using that device, there has to be more than automatic processing of information. There has to be a connection. 

Have you ever felt drawn to a plant? Ever stare at some grass and suddenly thoughts about say, uncle Charlie, overcome you? 

A Message You Were Meant to Receive

This is a message you are meant to receive—a message the plant wants to share with you in the present moment. It could be simply the need to call up Uncle Charlie for some reason known only to the plant (remember, kin have friends everywhere), but sometimes these messages run deeper. The more we connect to the plant kingdom, the more the pieces of this wonderful puzzle of life start to reveal themselves. And over time, these messages can become conversations where the plant explains why you need to call Uncle Charlie or how to deal with the problem you’ve been ruminating about. 

Plants know things. Kin have been around longer than humans and are telling us, ‘’Hey, this isn’t working for us anymore. We have ideas on what to do about it. Want to have a chat about them?’

There are of course controversies in this because science doesn’t want to acknowledge plants as intelligent beings. Think about this for a second, and you will start to understand why…

Let’s take trees for example. Those glorious oaks out in the wood. Kin have been around for thousands of years, yet if we acknowledge kin as wise and intelligent beings that process information, have memories, and consciously take care of their children, would you be as likely to chop a tree down to take the land around ki or create a piece of furniture? 

AND, what does this mean if I have chosen to follow a plant-based lifestyle in order not to kill sentient beings? Let’s not open that chapter just yet, we’ll get there at a later date. 

A Connection is Central to Understanding the True Nature of Plants

Consider for a second everything plants do for humanity. When left to do what kin do best, nature finds a beautiful balance with elegant solutions that produce no waste. You could say, nature finds the sweet spot in Life.

Truthfully, we often fall back to unconsciously thinking of plants as inanimate objects. Unfortunately, it’s convenient and automatic, ingrained in you over years and lives. Humans no longer remember what a true connection with plants was like.  No matter how connected we are with the planet, instincts take conscious work to change. I speak from personal experience. Even I find myself sometimes with clumps of grass in hand because kin was growing where I didn’t want and I started pulling without first asking. It happens… I’m human and still on my own journey of reconnection.

There is so much more to plants… plants look, observe patterns across our planet. Kin compare ecosystems and think about how kin can help us regain balance. The question is, are you equipped to have a conversation with them?

You and I, as human beings, have this innate tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life. This is called the Biophilic Effect.

What is Biophilia?

Edward O. Wilson wrote about this and defines biophilia as “the urge to affiliate with other forms of life”. Think of how a plant interacts with other species in the ecosystem? Using sophisticated signaling—chemical, acoustical, electrical, etc.—ki converses with others in order to gain clarity and strategize on what is needed to bring the ecosystem to balance. Plants don’t think of just kin’s own species survival, kin see a bigger picture. And this is the picture they want to discuss with you, making you an active participant in designing the solution.

Listen AND observe for yourself. What do you see? Feel? Hear?

These are all parts of the dialog kin want to have with you!

When you listen closely to the plants closest to you, what do kin tell you about the current state of the world? More specifically, have you discussed what actions you can take to make a difference? 

Kin have put hundreds of thousands of years into the evolution of this planet WITH humanity. And yet, plants find kinselves once again on the brink of extinction. How frustrating that must be, to have to start all over again on the evolutionary journey! Which is exactly why plants are taking every opportunity possible to share their wisdom with us. Are you ready to listen and become an active collaborator in the process? 

Actively listening and conversing with plants strengthens your  connection. It offers you a chance to collaborate with nature—to consciously create a world where we align and live in harmonious balance.




The beauty is that anyone can converse with plants. You can hear kin’s call and learn how to respond! 

Two-way communication with plants is natural, all you need to do is unblock the human barriers created by years of false conditioning and remember one important fact.…

Plants Don’t Speak English, They Speak Plant!

And you can learn to speak plant, too. Take the time to fully peel off the plant blinders and see plants for who kin really are. Learn about kin’s logic, decision making process, values, needs, wants… And as you learn and connect with kin, not only do you unblock your ability to converse with kin directly, you will also discover your own True Nature.

As I say in my course, ReConnect with the Plant Kingdom: If I can learn to see and accept you for who you truly are, I will find a way to communicate with you so that we can learn from each other’s experience. And when we are able to do this with the plant world, in addition to the enrichment of your life, the whole Earth…our world… will mutually benefit from these extraordinary conversations. 

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