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Collaborate with Nature to Consciously Create a World of Harmony

Collaboration with Nature: A World of Harmony

Are you aware that it is more than possible to collaborate with Nature and consciously create a world where we align and live in harmonious balance?

I invite you to explore Plant Intelligence. Now, this is a broad term—so broad in fact, that I dedicate an entire module in ReConnect with the Plant Kingdom to define it—but in essence, it means that plants are decision-making beings. Their language can be heard through music, sounds, smells, movement… 

When I discovered a musical instrument created just for plants that translates electrical variations between the leaf and root system of a plant into music—music composed by plants—I was hooked! The more I learned and connected to a plant, the more I understood this familiar, yet new language. 

To give you a better understanding, let me tell you about Plant Neurobiology and Plant Cognition. Two new(ish) areas of research that bravely go against the scientific status quo to bring terms like consciousness, decision-making, and memory into the conversation about plant signaling and communication. Because if they can respond to another’s musical melody using a device, there has to be more than automatic processing of information, right?!.

I passionately believe that the more we (re)connect to the plant kingdom, the more the pieces of this wonderful puzzle of Life start to reveal themselves. And over time, these messages can become powerful, uplifting, and insightful conversations. 

Have you ever considered having a conversation with a plant? 

Plants know things. Kin have been around longer than humans and are telling us, ‘’Hey, this isn’t working for us anymore. We have ideas on what to do about it. Want to have a chat about them?’’

How would you answer? 

Would you even answer? Or would you just ignore it thinking that you were projecting or inventing it?

Here’s the truth: you’re not. 

It’s time we restored our faith and trust that when left to do what kin do best, nature finds a beautiful balance with elegant solutions that produce no waste, often creating conditions for Life to regenerate and thrive. You could say, Nature finds the sweet spot in Life.

The problem is, that even when we are aware of plant intelligence, we often fall back to unconsciously thinking of plants as inanimate objects. It’s understandable. You’ve been trained that way your whole life. Unfortunately, it’s convenient and automatic, ingrained in you over years and lives. It’s sad to say, but most humans no longer remember what a true connection with the plant kingdom was like. Thus we continue on, uncertain and nowhere close to being connected.

And we long to be connected!

Know this, there is so much more to plants… plants don’t just see, kin look, observing patterns across our planet. Kin compare ecosystems and think about how kin can regain balance. In a recent study, it was discovered that plants “care less about making biological systems efficient than about keeping them stable.” Continuous flow to ensure regeneration is what drives evolution.

So… now that you know this, are you equipped to have a conversation with kin? A real, honest conversation to discuss how to collaborate with Nature to consciously create a world where we all live in harmony?

Yes? Good, so let’s get back to connection. Now this is where “the urge to affiliate with other forms of life” or the Biophilic Effect comes in. Think of how a plant interacts with other species in the ecosystem? Using sophisticated signaling—chemical, acoustical, electrical, etc.—ki converses with others in order to gain clarity and strategize on what is needed to bring the ecosystem to balance. Mutations/differences are evaluated to see if they can be useful in order to have a clear picture of what plan of action to take.

These are all parts of the dialog kin want to have with you!

Are you listening? 

Kin have put hundreds of thousands of years into the evolution of this planet WITH humanity. We are symbiotes, helping each other get ahead in the great Game of Life! And yet, plants find kinselves once again on the brink of extinction. Imagine how frustrating that must be, to have to start all over again on the evolutionary journey! 

Luckily, plants are tenacious. This is exactly why kin will take every opportunity possible to share kin’s wisdom with us. 

Actively Listening and Conversing with Plants Strengthens Your Connection

Actively listening and conversing with plants strengthens your connection, creating an opening where ideas and solutions to collaborate with nature can flow. And from these conversations, you can learn how to consciously create in alignment with your True Nature.

This is about raising Life Consciousness and creating a symbiotic relationship that ensures we stop stressing out the planet.

By reconnecting with the plant kingdom, you become one with your True Nature once again—which is a fancy way of reawakening to the reality that you are nature—AND ensure a future where humanity can thrive with and as the planet.
You don’t need to do this alone—kin are here to help. Working with me, you will learn how to open that two-way conversation needed to fully reunite with nature via a reconnection with the plant kingdom and discover it’s possible to consciously create together a world of harmonious balance.

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