I was upgraded by Himalayan Cedar Tree

Recently, I was meditating on my relationship with time . As my body relaxed, my gaze faded from the giant Himalayan Cedar tree right outside the window, to gaze inward to the darkness within. When all was still, I asked a simple question: 

“Why do I feel the need to saturate time so densely?”

Lately, I’ve been multitasking a bit too much. It is rare to do one thing at a time. And it has become so extreme that I feel like I am no longer truly learning or being nurtured by some things because my focus is split. 

Almost instantly, Cedar tree animated and stepped into the conversation. I wasn’t expecting it at all. Ki kept sending me snippets of information in multiple languages, mixing various concepts I had never even thought about, but that somehow rang true to me.

Stepping into my Aura

When the words could no longer express what Cedar tree wanted to share, ki asked permission to connect more deeply. I agreed, and ki’s masculine energy jumped from ki’s physical location outside to the space between my feet as I lay on the floor. I don’t know how to explain it other than to say that at first I could feel ki there, standing tall within my aura. Then I felt the sensation of being held tight by all the branches. Eventually, ki merged completely with my essence, while still retaining full consciousness. We were two beings in one having a conversation and sharing my bodily experiences. 

Never have I felt so viscerally the budding needles and young spring branches hold me that way. Cedar wanted to transmit safety and comfort and a feeling that said, “you have all the time you need to learn and do all the things you must to accomplish your purpose. I will help you saturate the time differently so that you can focus on one thing at a time. Let me help you upgrade your membrane.”

If you are in the Naturally Conscious Leadership group, this directly relates to Step 3 of your Leadership Plan, which is all about creating a permeable membrane with the help of a plant. 

ReConnection with Himalayan Cedar Tree

Without even realizing it, Cedar tree began upgrading my own membrane. First, ki asked me to sit up so that we could activate mine consciously. Then as it filled around me, ki added special energy to fortify it while keeping it flexible. Again, the words I am writing do not really express the experience; I began to feel new senses come online that were expanding thanks to the energy ki was adding. Non-human energy to reinforce and reactivate senses we innately share as beings of nature.

I lay there for a long time floating within this activated membrane soaking in all these new sensations. Pranic breathing kept me focused, yet detached. No multitasking, no extra thoughts, no feeling of wasting time doing nothing. Himalayan Cedar fell silent, as we sat together sharing energy.

When it was time, Cedar tree flowed out of my permeable membrane, reminding me that the membrane’s role is to let things flow in and out as necessary. Back in ki’s own body outside, I sat there a little longer feeling my solitary, yet connected, self within this enhanced body. Peace, awareness, mastery, time…. everything contained within me. Everything contained within ki. Everything contained in nature.

Deep gratitude for the lessons learned and the experiences shared.

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  1. When reading your experience I was coming from a place of sadness and demotivation…your experience lifted me and on some level reminded me of a deeper way of being of connecting outside of the usual head space …even now writing this tears are flowing and my heart space feels bigger…as you say words can often feel inadequate
    …thank you 😊

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