Hand of Creation for the Epagomenal Days

Epagomenal Days: discover how to use these 5 powerful days out of time

What exactly are the Epagomenal days and why is it so important for yourself and humanity that you learn how to use them wisely?

Several of you have asked me to explain what are the Epagomenal Days and why they are so important to use wisely.

To do so… I have to go back, back to ancient history…errr “mythology”. Egyptian, to be exact. To a time when the sun god Ra forbade Nut, the sky goddess, from bearing children any day of the year. Why he did it is not exactly clear. Probably because he was second in command at the time, and if she had children, he would be behind all the kiddies for a shot at power! Call it an educated guess. 🙂

Nut goes off to ask Thoth, the god of wisdom, for some advice. He chews on the problem for a while, then hatches a plan: Nut would gamble at draughts (an ancient form of checkers) with Khonsu, the god of the moon. Moonlight was the only rival to Ra’s sunlight, so the wager was that every time he lost, he had to give some of his moonlight to Nut. Khonsu wasn’t a very good player, and so he lost a bunch of time, essentially providing Nut with enough moonlight to add five extra days to the year. 

These were days outside of the current 360-day calendar, making them the perfect time for her to birth her children:

  • Day 1 Osiris
  • Day 2 Horus the elder
  • Day 3 Set
  • Day 4 Isis
  • Day 5 Nephthys

Over the centuries, we started getting word of many other divinities that share the same birthdays: Jesus, Buddha, Dionysus, Adonis, Krishna, Mithras, Amadioha, 

The Greeks even have their own birthing “myth” with Helios trying to stop Rhea, so Hermes helps her add the five days.

This increased the density of these new days, essentially making them a permanent part of a non-existant calendar.

Now you have the history of the Epagmenal days, so what?

In essence, these five intercalated days of the calendar of the Egyptians are days protected from the forces that hold you back or prevent you from giving birth to a creation. During the Epagomenal days, the Egyptians believed everyday time stood still. Nut’s actions created a period out of time that is not subject to the regular rules of existence, which is exciting to play with!  

Egyptian texts state, ‘the one who knows the names of the days will not “die through the pestilence of the year” and that “no illness will take possession of him”.’ Meaning that if you know of the days—because they are outside of time, eh—then you can cover yourself with their protective energy.

So you have intense birthing energy coupled with an invisibility from stagnant and ill-wishing energy. Sounds like the perfect time to bring a new project to life, no?

Damanhurians believe that the ‘Epagomenal days are endowed with a special “temporal density” that projects toward the future the ventures that are born during this time. Therefore, this is the best time to start new projects, to begin studying something you have been interested in for a long time, to change your eating habits, to stop smoking or to give life to those ideas that for so long have been swimming in your head and in which you haven’t yet found the strength or the time to dedicated yourself to.’

To be very clear, this is a time to BIRTH new projects, not scramble like a mad-person trying to do everything necessary to complete the project, unless it is a project that has been under way for a while and completing allows you to take a next step. Think of this as a seed creating period. You are gathering up a list of nutrients necessary in order for your conception to grow and eventually blossom. Putting in place your action plan for success. Planning is a form of action, so use this time to give birth to a well thought out strategy.

Only five Epagomenal days? That’s not enough time!

Fear not… even here, Damanhurians got your back.

Going back through the ancient literature, you find many references to rituals and offerings made during the Epagomenal period. Most were made to keep Sekhmet at bay, for it looks like she didn’t much like Ra getting duped. But that stagnant, life-killing energy can take many shapes and sizes, even within you.

If you read through the texts carefully, it is clear that those that know how to use the names of the days and hold their energy can benefit from their cover. But what does it mean to use the names?

Damanhurians believe that meditation is an active process. Through the intention you use as you do something, you divinitize matter. Ritual and Awareness are the keys to focused intention. For years, Damanhurians have been setting their divine intentions during the Epagomenal days. Year after year, important projects for the community, and by consequence for humanity, have been birthed in this time period. 

By constantly saturating this time with reflections, planning, research, gathering, and in some cases completing highly charged works, we have learned how to dilate the time. What was once five days, became seven, then 10, up to 16, and now can sometimes last a full month.

How long is a product of what we put into this time

Not in terms of quantity, it really is quality, breadth, reach, and of course, impact. Projects for your own personal growth and wellness are important, but how do these fit into a wider universal mission to help reawaken humanity? 

Let me give you an example: if you decide that a big project for 2022 will be for you to get healthy so you can go out in a bikini and spend time flying around the world visiting beaches. That really only benefits you—and actually hurts the planet with all that airplane fuel.

If instead, you decide to get healthy so you have more energy to participate in local activities that are helping members of your community improve their connections to nature, which in turn creates more plant awareness. This is a project that holds a very different ritual value and can more easily dilate time.

Oh, it’s also important to share what your doing. If you keep what you’re doing to yourself, how can others benefit from your example? Your visibility enhances the magick.Even just telling us in NCC what you are planning can inspire another who in turn contributes to their community, of which one person takes that into another ecosystem, and soon you have a ripple effect felt far and wide.

This year, the Epagomenal days officially start on 28 December 2021. How long they last is entirely based on our shared, intentional actions.

So what will you birth first?

If you can’t quite see how to put your plan together, this is a great time to get outside help so you use the epagomenals to the fullest! Here are two easy ways I can help you create your actions plan:

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The plants and I are delighted to support your evolving green brilliance in this Epagomenal season!!

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