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How to Befriend Your Limiting Beliefs

Greetings from warm Florida!!

I landed in my home town on Sunday for a much-needed family and friend visit. There is something about coming home for me that brings up so much—good, and of course, not so good.

As I drove around, my thoughts wandered to all those years I spent beating myself up for my so-called “negative traits”. I had a huge list of them which would routinely sabotage my desired experiences.

Over the years, several of those became really strong limiting beliefs that try as I did, I could not shake. It felt so frustrating!

Have you ever experienced a limiting belief?

“A limiting belief is a state of mind or belief about yourself that restricts you in some way.” You’ve also heard them called blocks, constraints, self-limiting ideas…

A quick internet search will give you hundreds of ways to release and get rid of these restricting beliefs.

My Spiritual Awakening helped me see them more clearly. But honestly, it didn’t really make them go away. If anything, it made me aware that I was hurting myself—and sometimes others—with them, which was even more frustrating.

It was actually a combination of my Spiritual Practice AND my Plant ReAwakening that finally provided the radical magick formula: what if instead of releasing your limiting beliefs, you could make friends with them? Check out this 5-day bootcamp to overcome the biggest block to your success.

You know, cozy up to them and create a safe space where they can free themselves from their fearful wrapper and once again embody the super useful talents buried within.

Would love to hear from you about your limiting beliefs: have you discovered the talents within?

Green Brilliance,

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