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This is Why I am so Passionate About This

My desk is a (productive) mess with sticky notes, colored pens, notebooks, and my trusted tea. Planning for the next six months is officially underway for me!

I want to tell you that the direction is super clear, but it just does not work that way. In a past Plant-Inspired Masterclass , I shared how I have a strong feeling that I need to spend the rest of the year focused on helping you expand and integrate further into everyday life the knowledge you have, rather than piling on additional information.

It would be easy to create new programs with ever increasing knowledge, but what is the point of learning more when you have yet to consciously apply what you know to evolve another turn around the spiral of Life?!

These things take time. You can’t rush the masterpiece that is you 😁

This is why I am so passionate about the combination of long-term one-on-one support to get into the nitty-gritty details of your unique path, combined with regular group dynamics to see the reflections from multiple sides of the prism of Truth.

This is the winning formula, in my experience:

Individual mentorship and coaching in combination with a trusted community group

It is how the plant kin-home* does it, right? 

Plants don’t try to go it alone. We know from scientific and personal experiences that plants grow healthier when there is ample space within a nurturing ecosystem of diverse beings. Even house plants thrive having other pot plants around the place! And even if kin haven’t told you directly, I have it on good authority that plants like having you around, too!

So it is time to get practical and use the boundless knowledge you possess in order to turn it into sage, practical wisdom!

I want to know from you:

What knowledge, skill, goal, belief do you want to fully embody in your daily life in the next six months?

Leave a comment or create a post in the Naturally Conscious Community telling me the what, when, and why. And if you are open to it, I would love to explore the how with you.


Always remember that I am here to support your evolving green brilliance!

Ready and willing when you are,


*Ki-home: it is where kin (a pronoun for plants) live, their home. 

Learn more about nature pronouns

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