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This is Where the Magick Happens

Richard Powers wrote in The Overstory, “If we knew what green wanted, we wouldn’t have to choose between the Earth’s interests and ours. They’d be the same!”

At first, I thought this meant asking plants directly what kin needed, looking outside for answers. But upon reflection, it goes much deeper.

I definitely believe we have to learn how to communicate openly with the non-human world. Only if you stop there, you miss an important part of nature:


Nature is not simply the environment around you. It is who you are as a living being of nature interrelating with other beings of nature. You are a singular and a collective at all times. Independent and Mutually Dependent.

Knowing what green wants and needs requires constant, open, trusting conversation with your True Nature and the Natural Beings around you.

Until you recognize yourself as a being of nature you cannot understand your place in nature.

When you finally do, something magical happens:

You naturally know the right thing to do for you, your community, and the planet.

It is not the easiest concept to understand. So much of our lives we’ve been taught that nature is “out there”. But nature is always with you and for you. Ki is your body. Ki is the grass growing through the cracks of the city streets. Ki is the food you eat and the clothes you wear.

Nature is Being. Being is Divine. The Divine is Nature.

Natural Consciousness is growing.

I see it with my clients every day! Things that were once scary or difficult are starting to flow:

  • Confidence in your inherent Value.
  • Belief in the Gifts you have to offer.
  • Trust that what you know and do is Going to Work.
  • Knowing who you are, what is your path, and why.

It reminds me of my own plant reawakening and how I evolved from a presumptuous, pessimistic person into who I am today. I had human and divine help along the way. It’s a process that requires a team effort: individual support, community mirrors, and non-human logic: the ultimate mutually beneficial relationships.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this conversation. Would you like to reawaken your True Nature and feel confidence, belief, trust in yourself? Leave a comment or send me a message in the Naturally Conscious Community and let’s chat about it.

Wishing you continued green brilliance,

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