Crown of Ms. Oak, pillar of the Second Road portal

Astonishingly, on the Second Road He Definitely Merged with a Tree!

Traveling "The Second Road"—an esoteric technique to other temporal planes—guided by me and Ms. Oak, he finally experienced what it was like to be the tree!

Remember my story about the person who told me that I don’t communicate with plants? Just in case you didn’t read it yet, you can find the article here. Well, wait until you hear what happened on the Second Road.

The other evening I was in my Medit-Action research group again. I was guiding a group dynamic in the Sacred Woods Temple at Damanhur. Well, I wasn’t really guiding it alone. The tree I have a ritual connection with, Ms. Oak, and her partner oak tree were helping me.

Ms. Oak, one of two trees that make the portal to the Second Road.

Prequel: The Second Road 

Years ago, when I studied about “The Second Road”—an ancient esoteric technique to open a portal to other temporal planes—my friend and I went about looking for trees in the Sacred Woods Temple that wanted to study this phenomena with us. We found these two beautiful oaks about 5m (~16ft) apart in the middle of what is called the “feminine” area of the forest. Kin”s canopies slightly bend into one another high up top creating a natural arched opening.

Not that far away, there is the stump of an oak creating a great sitting spot where you can see perfectly between these two trees through to the Second Road. After sitting with kin several times, we asked if we could ritually connect with them—a practice that exists in Damanhur to create a sacred learning/sharing relationship with trees. To our delight, kin said yes!

My friend has since changed her study focus to other things, leaving Ms. Oak and I to continue the research on our owns. The thesis we continue to test is if together with these trees and other beings of the woods, we can open the Second Road Portal that allows me—or any other person—to see from the human/animal world into the plant world.

It doesn’t feel like it is a portal to walk through, though that might be a future piece. For now, we are happy just consistently opening the portal to peer from one world to the other. There is also a feeling that in the space in between, there is a sort of ecotone between worlds.

Fast forward to the group dynamic….

From my research, the portal requires a collective intention across the Second Road in order to fully open, yet the opening itself is individual. Our goal for the evening was for each person to first connect with a tree via a guided journey to bring awareness to and fuse human and plant plantness. Acting as a Superindividual, human and plant expands inner and outer senses to connect to the beings of the woods, eventually becoming one with the essence of the Sacred Woods Temple.

From this place of union, the Superindividual collectively asks to open the portal.

Once the guided part was complete, each person was invited to experience the merging with the tree, and when they felt compelled, go to the sit spot to see what appears traveling the Second Road through the portal. As usual, journaling and coloring was encouraged to capture everything that arrives.

From Human world to Plant World - The Portal

Magical Second Road Experiences in a Magickal Woodland

After the entire dynamic was concluded, we walked over to the hut dedicated to Nature Spirits to share our experiences on the Second Road to the Plant World.

Two of us have very, very similar experiences, down to even the colors and textures we saw across the portal. Others had similar elements, confirming parts of our research. Without a doubt, the portal opened and what was shown included color, frequencies, sounds, chemicals, and so much movement.

But the best part was…. are you ready for this?!

The person that told me that I don’t communicate with plants had his first experience where he merged into the tree and was not using his mind to think his way through it. He traveled from the tips of the roots up to the leaves in the high branches snuggled between the cambium layer of the tree. He didn’t experience the portal, but he felt what it was like to BE THE TREE! What a huge leap for him!

As he told me about what he saw and experienced, I was jumping up and down with glee. This is the same person that only a few weeks back was telling me that in order to connect with a tree, you have to spend years together. And here he was doing it in one hour.

Now isn’t that the best testimonial about the the power of working with me to overcome your limiting beliefs and evolve with the plant kin-home?!

What do you say, do you want to try for yourself?

One last thing about the Second Road

Here’s a page from my plant notebook about what I saw through the portal:

In my journey with Ms. Oak to open the portal between our human/animal world and the plant world, what I saw across the threshold was not what I expected, at all.

The true essence of plants was more color and movement, than the trunks and branches we see in our world.

Ms. Oak reminded me, “In your world, we are a reflection of what is inside of you. You see us as rigid and static, because your thoughts are rigid and static. In our world, we are always in motion, constantly changing and adapting to match frequencies.

“As long as your thoughts remain rigid, we will seem rigid.”

This conversation has opened a new vision for me. It explains so much the many times I have experienced fluidity with plants. Now I see my reflections and those of humanity so much clearer.

Your thoughts reflect our reality.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this realization!!

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  1. Thank you for sharing this exchange about the color and movement in the plant world. Thank you, and Ms Oak, for the reminder that our expectations limit our perceptions. How important it is for us to let the mind rest and connect through our heart and soul where we are fluid energy, too.

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