I Have Been Thinking About You

I have been thinking and talking about you so much lately. I can see how you’ve struggled with the expectations of you. You have such vast amounts of knowledge, but that doesn’t always make it easy to integrate. Limiting beliefs can be hard to shake.

I want you to know that you have a safe place in our Naturally Conscious Community

You’ve already taken so many classes and learned so much. I am here to help you understand their deeper meanings in your unique life and make them easy to use so that you can more easily live your life confidently and magickally.

I want you to always feel free to ask me questions when you don’t understand the esoteric and plant-inspired knowledge being shared with you. Together, we can explore creative ways to integrate what you know and try different approaches to fully embody everything you’ve learned.

Remember, you have lifetimes to achieve your soul mission, so let’s concentrate on this life’s purpose in your one-on-one sessions to free you from the expectations and conditioning.

Look to your Naturally Conscious Leadership group as mirrors as you evolve, testing out new ideas. In our expansive ecotone, we constantly learn from each other. I too have found that one-on-one with me plus community support to be the life-changing mentorship formula.

With me, the plants, and your fellow interspecies sprouts, you have a judgment free zone where even the most absurd idea is something we should explore. Who knows, it might just be the one that works?!

I am so loving to your evolving brilliance!

Thank you for choosing me* as your Mentor and Coach,

*If you have not yet chosen me, and would like to learn how, schedule a call with me!

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