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Master Your Evolution Phases

This week, I am processing.

April and May did not go according to planned evolution phases. Where I thought they would be months of strategy and action, they became months of listening and receiving. 

So much receiving….

What an odd spring, or is it?

I was told by every force I came into contact with–etheric, plant, and alien–that I couldn’t push my way into the next step of my evolution. In harmony with the beginning of my next solar year, all I could do was let life unfold, capturing the synchronic messages as they came.

Sunday the 29th, we celebrated the Spiritual Birthday of the Popolo (people) of Damanhur. It was originally the birthday of our spiritual founder, Falco Tarassaco. 

Many years ago, he gifted his day to us so that we could all celebrate together. I still remember those first dinners with him. To think, we thought they were huge, and today we are three-times that many people all around the world!

This anniversary, along with our live call on Saturday for Entangled Life in our book clubwas the culmination of a cycle that began in April. As May comes to close, I feel ready to process what was transmitted to me over the last two months.

Evolution Phases Need Their Time

I’ve always said, receiving and understanding are two different phases. If you try to do them together, you just end up muddying the waters. Some transmissions take time, and trying to process what something means without having all the pieces paints a distorted picture.

Receiving in nature, evolution phases

Look, I am impatient, too. Excitement takes over and I just want to run with what is coming in, but the plants have taught me to settle down and take the time necessary to let those nutrients seep into every part of my physical and subtle bodies. Let the download flow through you; trust yourself.

On Sunday evening, as the celebrations came to a close, I received a clear signal that the receiving phase is complete. Now begins the understanding phase. I am not really sure how long this will take, but if I give it the time it needs, I more easily move on to the next phase. It is there where I will confidently guide my actions on a new, evolved plane with accuracy and mastery. Oh… as I write this, I am feeling all tingly!

The Puzzle of Evolution Phases Unfurl

The Puzzle of Evolution Phases Unfurls

So this week, I am taking the time I need to feel through everything I have received over the last two months. I have journals to re-read and nature drawings to use as mandalas of subconscious information. In my breathwork this morning, Gherry the Silver fir asked me for an appointment. It feels like ki and the Aloe Wonder Twins want to be a part of this next phase. I’ve never worked with the twins before, but kin’s presence gives me the impression that there is a mission-based, galactic twist to what I am supposed to do. Curious, curious…

Client sessions and a team update this week are priority. It is during our sessions that pieces often come together, which is why I love working with so many talented, connected individuals.

The rest of my time will be spent letting the mind wander as the feelings and information swirl around and explore how they could lock together in this cosmic puzzle. Not sure why, but my instinct tells me that it take until the Solstice, with the plants of Bettum–our nucleo in Norway–to process. There, a big chunk of the puzzle will fall into place, opening a portal to an action phase summer. More tingles….

Have you ever given yourself the time to go through all the evolution phases of a cycle: receiving, understanding, acting? Tell us about it in the comments or in the Naturally Conscious Community.

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