3 Lessons from the Wild Plants of Egypt

I am back from Egypt… kind of. It always takes a few days to fully return after a trip of this magnitude. 

I set out this time with a goal: to meet the spontaneous and wild plants of Egypt. In this land of sand—where plants silently support society through incense, oils, and teas—what could kin teach me?

More than I thought, it turned out…

3 Lessons of Propinquity

The plants underfoot in Egypt taught me 3 important lessons:

  1. Just because you are not seen, does not mean you are not appreciated.
  2. Your presence alone is enough to give inspiration and hope.
  3. Cracks in the foundation provide opportunities for new life.

The hows, whys, and whats of these lessons are still unfolding. There are many levels of understanding in each one.

I couldn’t bring any of these teacher plants home with me, but I was able to bring back their essences. I sat down in meditation with kin today and carefully chose what oils and incense to use to tap into their knowledge. 

Kin were very stern with me, “Our history runs deep. We have had to endure many evolutions to support our people. To learn from us takes time. Be consistent, and we will show you the ancient ways adapted to modern times.”

As you may remember, I have mainly worked with the Druidic energy of the Salassi over the last three years. Although both ancient Celts and Egyptians all stem from the same Atlantean roots, they took divergent paths—one honored nature, while the other honored the built environment.

Sitting with these master teacher plants, I have begun to see where these two roads converge. A new area of study of my plantness unfolds… 

As always, we will be walking this road together. Stay tuned for more highlights. 

I am curious, what would you like to learn from ancient master plant teachers?

Delighted to hear about your evolving green brilliance,

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