Through Tears of Joy They Said to Me,“I Feel Seen”

I recently held a group call that really brought home to me what I love about my work as a coach and mentor.

It was so powerful that I broke into tears. Once we finished, the beauty of what I witnessed really sunk in, and I sat there in a puddle of gratitude.

I had put them into groups to share what skills and talents they had developed in the time we’ve worked together. When they got back into the group, I asked each person to share what they learned about the other.

I was expecting to hear things connected to their tangible goals, like learning to do something in a business or reawakening a creative pursuit.

But what they shared instead was much deeper:

  • “I’ve learned patience with myself and am more patient of others.”
  •  “I now lead with understanding and acceptance, instead of judgment.”
  • “I am more curious and playful in my approach.”
  •  “I inspire myself to carry out creative pursuits rather than using discipline.”
  •  “I see others more clearly and feel comfortable letting them see me.”
  •  “I have learned the art of courageously speaking my truth with gentleness.”

There was no fear. They felt safe to express and reveal their True Nature.

And in the end, they were beaming. My screen was so bright from their inner light, I had to squint—that could have also been the tears, but you get the picture!

As I thanked them for their immense beauty, I was humbled to receive words of gratitude and accolades for my role in this growth. The overall sentiment was, “Working with you, I feel seen and accepted.”

This is what this work is about for me. As a nature-inspired mentor and coach, I am not going to tell you what to do. What plant would tell another plant how to grow?


I will hold the belief of who you want to embody.

I will share spiritual and nature-based tools.

I will help you discover your blind spots.

I will trigger your alternative thinking like plants model for you every day.

And together, you will become who YOU WANT TO BE.

Book a chat with me to find out how I can help you embody your True Self.

It would be a delight to support your evolving green brilliance!

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