It’s National Houseplant Appreciation Day

Today is a special day,  National Houseplant Appreciation Day!

Established by The Gardener’s Network, the 10th of January is dedicated to giving thanks to the plants you share your home with. Kin do so much for us, so why not dedicate one day all to them?!

Have you ever asked the plants in your home what they want and need? You should, I am sure you will be surprised!

Here is a super easy meditation for you to try:

Find a quiet place to sit. Once you’ve found it, get comfortable and close your eyes. Start taking some deep breaths. With each breath, move any thoughts not related to the plants in your home to a cubby hole for later.

When you feel stillness, you notice that below you is a network of subtle roots created from all the plants in the home. Send out your own subtle roots, and let them connect into the network.

Once you’re connected, prepare a pulse of light from your heart embedded with the question, “How can I be of service to you today?”

Fill this pulse with all the love and appreciation you have for your vegetal friends. Let this be the fuel that will move it across the network. When it is completely saturated with this energy and the question, send it down and out into the network.

When it reaches the intermingled roots, it splinters off and enters into each plant in the household. This gives a boost of loving appreciation to the plants and offers kin an opportunity to reciprocate with their answers.

Open yourself to receive a pulse from any plant that wants to communicate with you. Let their energy come into you, traveling your body until each pulse find the best location to be understood. There, the pulses dissolve into your being.

Give the plants ample time to respond—plant time is different than human time. And when you feel the last message has been received, thank the plants, and with a breath, pull in your subtle roots.

Spend some time here allowing your body and senses to interpret the messages.

Once you have them, write or draw them in a notebook you have near you. You may not understand them all at once, capture anything that comes without judgment. Understanding may come over time.

Let me know what the plants tell you, either by leaving a comment or posting in the Naturally Conscious Community.

The plants and I are delighted to support your evolving green brilliance!

Vegetal Wishes,

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