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In an interview the other day, I was asked why I founded the Naturally Conscious Community.

I sat for a while thinking about the question. I looked up at Spider plant and asked, “How would you answer?”

In a flash, I was taken back to pre-NCC, even before I had a Facebook group. Through colors and sensations, Spider plant had me re-feel so many of the conversations I was having at the time with people. They were feeling:

  • Alone
  • Insecure
  • Embarrassed
  • Overwhelmed
  •  Frustrated

They had this feeling that connecting more deeply with plants would change the way they look and act in the world. We would talk about plants and business, plants as mentors, plant relationships, and they would get so excited.

But there was no place where they could feel safe in having these conversations with others.

So I decided to make the investment in my own platform, and NCC was born!

Its mission: To nourish your ReAwakening in Plant Awareness. To offer a safe space to learn, exchange, and experiment new ways of living in collaboration with the plant kin-home and plant-loving humans.

And to facilitate these exchanges, every third Wednesday of the month, we host a Interspecies Sprouts Gathering. This free ISprouts call is a place to get to know others that share your experiences as a Conscious Beings of Nature!

Get ready to meet Sprouts and plant allies who are evolving the way we interact with our planet.

See you and your evolving green brilliance there!

Plant Dreams,

P.S. Looking for dedicated support to confidently lead a Naturally Conscious life in collaboration with the plant kin-home? Join a Mentorship Program.

Not sure what you need, let’s get virtual tea >> Set up a Tea and Plants Chat 

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