This is the Link Between Kabbalah and Plants

Don’tcha just love when the Universe reaffirms your beliefs?

As a confirmed multipotentialite, I learned years ago to trust in my passions. The more I allow myself to use the most adept skill for the moment, the easier it is to express myself. Ultimately, this means I reach my goals with less effort and more fun!

This is exactly what happened a few months back, when in a Plant-Inspired Masterclass, we discussed Kabbalistic Plant Associations.

In case you didn’t know, I’ve been a Kabbalist for almost 20 years and taught Kabbalah prior to Damanhur and the plants.

Kabbalah and Spiritual Physics are the foundations of my entire knowing of our Spiritual Ecosystem. Upon those, I lay all my knowledge—plants, the arts, coaching, practical spirituality, etc.—to reach Understanding.

It is a Life path… better said, a Soul Journey that I re-affirm in every life.

You might be asking yourself, “What is the Kabbalah?”

Beyond red strings or celebrity spokespeople, Kabbalah provides tools to comprehend the universe that you can use however fits best. It is a philosophy that gives shape to cosmology and defines correspondences so you can work with the energies available.

And what delights me is that the most recognized Kabbalistic imagery is that of a TREE! Talk about merging past and present for me. I didn’t expect how expansive it would be to work with plants through the Tree of Life, but it is!!!

Kabbalists believe the Tree of Life to be a diagrammatic representation of the process by which the universe came into being. It is the map of creation with its own “language of the branches.”

If you’re curious about Kabbalah and Trees, you will love the two Plant-Inspired Masterclasses on this topic. Join Blooming Sprouts* to watch them, plus you get all past and future classes and my seminal course, ReConnect with the Plant Kingdom!

I have more masterclasses and lessons around Kabbalah and plants scheduled you won’t want to miss. We have so much to talk about!

If you’d like to chat about how Kabbalah and the plants can help you on your personal journey, I am here! Simply book a call with me.


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