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How Wise Women Deepen our Relationship with the Earth

In our February NCLg* mentorship call, we had a big discussion on what it means to heal the wounded feminine. It was fascinating to hear the different perspectives from the group, especially from our male voice.

All over the world, we are feeling called to reconnect to our wild wisdom.

We’ve been wrapped up in value systems that separate us from others, from ourselves, and from our planet. We’ve been raised to think of Nature as a commodity to be extracted from, and this has bled into other areas of our culture.

We are taught to refuse the sacred wisdom of each tiny wild plant.

To fear particles of dust.

To disregard the massive oak.

To pollute the mighty roaring river.

Yet… Earth continues to hold space, ready to share wisdom when asked.

This is a time of transition, of reconnection, of engagement.

A time rich in possibilities for healing at the individual level, in families, in communities, globally for all peoples, species, and beings.

…to heal our Sacred Wounds and discover new forms of leadership we can embody to truly live the values we believe in.

This is why I am delighted to invite you to join me in an online summit

March 21 – April 1, 2023

  • Honor our intrinsic relationship with Earth and learn how to embody sacred activism and wild wisdom
  • Explore how women’s wisdom is medicine for our Earth and how to evolve from patriarchy
  • Dive into the power of Ancient Shamanic Traditions and their wisdom for living with the Earth
  • Learn how indigenous women are leading solutions on the frontlines of climate justice
  • Reclaim the Wisdom of the Sacred Feminine to Heal the Earth
  • Explore your creativity and Nourish your Wild Woman

 I’ll be talking about: The Answers A Plant Gives You When Asked, “What Can I Contribute?”

Plus, they’ll be over 44 full sessions on reclaiming our sacred relationship as Nature, remembering our true power, and honoring our ability to make lasting contributions to global healing.

Throughout this powerful summit, you’ll be inspired to cherish the wisdom that emanates from the sacredness of Earth and Divine Feminine Energy.

I am delighted to support your continued green and spiritual evolution through summits like this! I may even livestream some of the sessions in Naturally Conscious Community , so we can watch them together.

Vegetal Dreams,

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