Do You Feel This Way?

I’ve been thinking about Fear, 

When you play the child-like game of asking “Why?” to find the root cause of a challenge or limiting belief, ultimately, you land on Fear.

Fear of being wrong and failing.

Fear of being found out, of being an impostor.

Fear of not being good enough.

And when you keep asking “why,” you uncover deeper fears that I believe always converge in:

Fear of not having enough money.

Fear of being alone.

Fear of not being able to make it.

And if you push further, you get to the core:

Fear of not being able to survive.

Without money, you can’t buy food and pay for shelter.

Add being alone to that, and no one can help you get food and shelter.

If you don’t make it doing x, y, z, starvation and homelessness come next.

Even if these are not conscious thoughts, they are there…deep in your being.

You work hours on end to make enough money to pay for your house and buy groceries.

You have been conditioned to believe that you won’t survive on your own. Therefore, you buy a bunch of stuff to try to create a safety net, you worry about spending too much, and you constantly think about when the next influx of money will come in so you can “buy” what you need.

You are conditioned to live in fear.

If schools taught survival first—foraging, collecting seeds, water purification, shelter making—I adamantly believe that in a few generations, that baseline fear would dissolve, and humanity would once again find pleasure in creating.

You would create out of inspiration, not desperation.

You would purchase in moderation rather than hoarding.

You would eat based on desire, not “needing to clean the plate.”

Mentorship with me is about getting cozy with that root fear, then consciously working on, “How do I help you feel safe?”

Collaboration with plants helps you realize that you are never alone—kin provides everything you always need to have security.

In time, you see the fear for what it is, so you can consciously evolve the beliefs that created them.

We accept the past for the lessons taught while detaching from the need to repeat them.

We work in the present to create a new future.

It is a path we walk together: you, me, and the plants.

When you are ready to take your first step, I am here; all you have to do is ask.

I would love to support your evolving green brilliance. 

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