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This is the Naturally Conscious Community:

And this…

In NCC, we offer you:


…multiple spaces for you to explore how to shift out of current systems—capitalism, money concerns, consumption, climate fear, mistrust—by fully embracing the unique logic of the plant kin-home and confidently finding your path to success with meaning.

Too often, being a creative multipotentialite is a lonely endeavor. Which is why I know just how important it is to have a supportive community.

In many groups, we don’t talk about the stuff that still isn’t yet clear. To create a new society, we have to break out of the norms and use alternative thinking. The more than human worlds have lots of ideas on how to do this, but where can you brainstorm about it? Where can you go beyond current paradigms—to paint the picture of a new way of living with accepting individuals that want to explore the possibilities?!

NCC sprouted so that nature-conscious minds could have a safe place to explore a deeper connection with the plant kin-home. A place filled with guidance and mirrors of support from like-minded individuals who are on similar journeys to lead a life of impact.

This path is unique for everyone… and as an NCC Sprout, you won’t ever have to walk it alone again.


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