Tigrilla Gardenia - Resist the Urge to Hold Back

You can’t keep doing this—RESIST!


Yep, I wrote it in capitals… it is that important for you to remember.

You have something to say, and the world NEEDS you to say it. How can you accomplish your life purpose if you keep hiding in the shadows???

Here’s something I want you to do today…

When you get that urge to cower down and not say anything or to bite your tongue or not make ripples… RESIST: push yourself to let it out—with discernment and acceptance, of course.

If instead you feel like you are coming from anger, fear, or judgement, then take a minute to get yourself in a better place. Breathing and journaling are great starts to help you find clarity. For bigger needs, when you can’t find your way out, call on a professional to help you through it. Mentorship with me, for example, can help you confidently step out of the darkness and into your spotlight with conscious clarity.

Once your intentions are clear and your heart is aligned with your purpose, let your voice shine—show us what you have to say!!!

Share your thoughts, ideas, and insights fearlessly. The world is waiting to hear from you.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes! Your voice is a gift that can make a difference.

Go ahead… try it… let me know how it goes!

Green Brilliance,

Signature and photo of Tigrilla Gardenia, Nature-Inspired Mentor and ICF PCC Personal Evolution Coach

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