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Earth Needs You, Are You Ready to Answer?

I fundamentally believe that you have a life purpose. And our Earth needs you to fulfill this purpose.

The planet needs it. Humanity needs it. Your friends and family need it. You need it.


We need to see more of you: your thinking, your ideas, your actions. Which is why I am passionate about supporting individuals who like you want to do things differently.

Think of me (and the plant kingdom!) as your personal guides. Reflect with us on who you truly are and what Earth needs you for. Consciously choose who you want to become. And evolve into a life that’s 100% in alignment with your core values.

Conscious Evolution – Earth Needs You!

By showing up as who you really are—a nature-loving creative, multipotentialite, naturepreneur—you’ll become the Conscious Leader our planet desperately needs to shift the paradigm.

Finally, you get to stop drowning in self-doubt, make a real positive impact, and spend time on projects that MATTER to you.

And most importantly? You don’t have to do it alone.

You don’t have to wait months for the next group program to open. You especially don’t have to waste tons of time and money trying to figure out on your own what to do next.

My experience is vast—corporate tech, entrepreneurship, music and event production, spiritual/esoteric teaching, community leadership, nature-inspired innovation, visionary thinking, certified coaching… Discover who I am here.

As a mentee, every single drop of knowledge I possess, every mean at my disposal, is within a container you nourish yourself from. My wisdom and curiosity become the tools you leverage to accelerate your personal evolution.

Take my years of practice and training, and seize the unique opportunity to get results much faster by working with me one on one! Get a taste of what that would look like.

Now that I’ve shown you how badly the Earth needs you to BE YOUR TRUE SELF, let me be the support you need to make that happen.

Choose the mentorship program with me that best suits your needs….

Seed Pack Mentorship program with Tigrilla Gardenia
Rising Sprout mentorship program with Tigrilla Gardenia - coaching
Flowering Tree Mentorship and Coaching program with Tigrilla Gardenia

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