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If You’re Not Living Your Life Purpose…

If You’re Not Living Your Purpose, What Are You Waiting For?

If you were to think about the cosmic Game of Life as a giant jigsaw puzzle, is there any piece you would think of as less important?

Probably not.

Even one missing piece makes the puzzle incomplete.

This is how your Life Purpose fits into your overall Soul Mission and into the overall mission of humankind!

You have an important piece of the puzzle to put into place. It could be corner piece or maybe go in the middle. Wherever it goes, we are counting on you to place it. Your unique gifts were given to you for exactly this reason—to fulfill your life purpose!

I’ve heard it said that roughly 85% of the people in this world believe they have a life purpose, but only about 10% believe they are living it. (I don’t have a statistic to site, but it sounds right to me!)

Why are there so many disconnected from this fundamental piece of their existence?

Where do you land on the path to life purpose?

Is your conditioning holding you back? It’s not like you learn in school how to listen to your inner guidance to find and live your life purpose!

Could it be the fears you picked up in this life and others? Those low-level worries that stop you before you even start?

How different would your life be if you were living in your purpose?

And how different would our planet be if at least the 85% that believes in a purpose was actually living it?

It is my soul mission to reconnect people to self and planet—to help you embody your true nature and bring to life your puzzle piece in the cosmic Game of Life.

Imagine all that will change when enough of us are living our life purpose! How quickly the new image of the world appears as the pieces fit into place!

If you’re tired of just getting by—of feeling disconnected—and you want to naturally gravitate toward a life of meaning, I want to support you.

My mentorship and coaching programs were created to give you maximum support from me and Flourishing Sprouts on the path to purpose!

Evolution takes time, and I will be by your side for as long as is needed for you to learn to:

  • Trust your inner guidance and embrace your lateral thinking so you can more quickly and confidently take meaningful action.
  • Liberate the skills and talents hidden under limiting beliefs and negative thoughts so you expertly use them in everyday life.
  • Develop authentic relationships with humans, plants, and other beings in the world to learn, collaborate, and co-create with ease.

Together, we will evolve the unconscious beliefs and fears that were conditioned into you by society, the media, and your family. This way, you can consciously embody beliefs that support your life purpose.

11 is my magick number. In the coming season, I’ll be opening 11 mentorship places to personally help you find and fulfill your life purpose.

Will you be one of the 11?

The choice is yours.

Resist the urge to hold back your evolving green brilliance

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