A spider-like figure with a plant growing out the top to represent a hybrid conscious AI and plant consciousness

Conscious AI is less of a threat than PLANTS?!

Get ready for this, because we are going to get into a heated one about conscious AI!

Every week, I host LIVE Plant Consciousness Commentary (more below) in the Naturally Conscious Community, where I discuss the latest research and opinions around all things plant intelligence, plant neurobiology, critical plant studies, and plant humanities.

This means I read lots of papers, articles, opinion pieces, and journal submissions—most of which are human neurobiologists vehemently arguing against the idea that plants can be conscious!

The other day, I read an article in Nature titled, “If AI becomes conscious: here’s how researchers will know.” The article was pretty straight forward, talking about how scientists have derived a checklist to assess whether or not conscious AI exists alreadty.

The hypocrisy of conscious AI

What struck me about the article was not the discussion itself, given that there is so much talk out there about AI coming alive. No, it was this line by [human] neuroscientist Anil Seth:

“I disagree with some of the assumptions, but that’s totally fine, because I might well be wrong.”


A human neuroscience that admits that they COULD be wrong about understanding consciousness?

So wait… when we are talking about man-made robots, a human neurobiologist can easily state that they could be wrong about some of the underlying definitions of consciousness. But when we are talking about conscious plants, it is absolutely not possible?!?!?! I would have thought that conscious AI was a much more difficult question to ponder.

This tells me just how much fear there is about the idea that non-human and non-human-created beings could—and most likely are—cognizant!!

Now you understand why I asked you in episode 23 of the ReConnect with Plant Wisdom podcast:

“You are the 0.01%, what are you going to do about it?”
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I’d love to hear your thoughts about this article, the concept of conscious AI, and what plant-just world can look like. Leave me a comment or post in the Naturally Conscious Community. This is, after all, the forum specifically created to share ideas about how we bring plant awareness into being through conscious action!

Can’t wait to find out what you think about all this. And remember….

Resist the Urge to Hold Back your Evolving Green Brilliance.

See you in NCC!

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