ReConnect with Plant Wisdom podcast ep24 Update on my Spiritual Research with Plants and Imagination

Ep.24 Update on my Spiritual Research with Plants and Imagination

A few episodes ago, I walked you through the Spiritual Research my group and I carry out in Damanhur. We have just started the next year of research, so this is a great time to share with you what I discovered last year.

In episode 24, I walk you through my work with no-name Dracaena to reawaken my subtle body (aura) of imagination.

Discover How I Am ReAwakening My Aura Layer of Imagination

ReConnect with Plant Wisdom podcast

Ancient and modern knowledge from biology to spirituality about the wondrous ways plants help you lead a Naturally Conscious life.

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Opening and Closing music by Steve Sciulli and Poinsettia; Topic Support by Laurie Baker; Editing by Goddess Rocio Mendez.

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