Plant Consciousness Commentary: Planetary Health - Are we part of the problem or the solution

Planetary Health: Are We Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution?

When it comes to understanding planetary health, one of the most difficult elements to understand is the role of human intervention. Although we are technically a part of nature, we don’t always act like it.

“The problems associated with planetary ill-health—biodiversity losses, climate change, environmental degradation, and other problems of so-called “anthropocene syndrome”—are considered so enormous that they can immobilize us; we may feel environmental guilt, but that alone cannot save us or the planet.”

Monica Gagliano shares her view on what could be the elements upon which we tip the balance from being part of the problem that creates environmental destruction to an opportunity to change the world, for the better. So which seed shall we choose to plant in our collective garden?

Topics Covered about Planetary Health

  • Anthropogenic ecosystems
  • Psychological connections between humans and the natural world
  • The Great Barrier
  • Doom-and-gloom scenario

Discover this paper about planetary health:

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Episodes related to Planetary Health

View the paper here

Gagliano M. Planetary Health: Are We Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution? Challenges. 2018; 9(2):38.

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