Plant Consciousness Commentary: A Proposal for a Device that Empowers The Political Voice of Plants

The Political Plant – A Proposal for a Device that Empowers The Political Voice of Plants

Brian Lau asks some of the most forward-thinking, paradigm shifting questions I’ve read to create a political voice for plants to use in discussions in society. Without political clout and a way to be a part of the conversation, how will kin ever be able to make their needs known?

Fundamentally, he wants to know, “…how will the reshaping of society with the inclusion and involvement of Plant-actors, reconfigure society’s power structures and its subsequent enactments?” And if you think this is just more rhetoric, you need to listen to the whole livestream, because he actually has a plan to shift the balance! 

Topics Covered about the political voice of plants

  • Plants in political discussions
  • More than human inclusion
  • Power structures
  • Biofeedback device for plants

Watch my commentary about giving a political voice to plants:

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View the paper here

Lau, Brian. (2015) THE POLITICAL PLANT – A Proposal of A Device that Empowers the Political Voice of Plant. University of Toronto iSchool Masters in Information, Culture and Technology. WINTER-2015-INF1502H.

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