ReConnect with Plant Wisdom podcast ep.28 Can Plant Communication Be Taught?

Ep.28 Can Plant Communication Be Taught?

I received an email from someone that took my Spirit Wild Plant quiz telling me, “When it comes to the courses, I am a bit cautious because I don’t think that understanding of plants can be taught in this way because communication with them is not measurable. It’s based more on faith and intuition.”

She’s not wrong… but she’s not all together right, either. At its core, communicating with plants is about giving yourself permission to give and receive differently. It’s about opening up to new ways of sharing information–beyond the five senses you know and beyond rational thought.

In episode 28, we’re deep dive into what plant communication is and isn’t, and why saying you “talk” to plants is limiting both you and kin! Plants have lived through pandemics, crisis, pollution, blights, famines, drought… kin have turned barren wastelands into lush life. Opening yourself to communication gives you access to 470+ million years of knowledge!

Topics Covered about Plant Communication

  • How do plants communicate
  • Faith vs Intuition vs Technique
  • What is a Spirit Wild Plant
  • What types of information can you learn from plants

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Welcome to ReConnect with Plant Wisdom. I am your host, Tigrilla Gardenia, Nature-Inspired Mentor and Leadership Coach. In this podcast, I share ancient and modern knowledge, from biology to spirituality, about the wondrous ways plants can help you lead a Naturally Conscious Life.
Hello, Hello, hello everyone! Welcome to episode 28 of ReConnect with Plant Wisdom. Today, we’re going to talk about “Can Plant Communication Be Taught?” A strange question coming from someone that teaches plant intelligence, plant consciousness, and plant communication.
Obviously, I teach this, so you would think my answer would be as simple as saying yes, but it’s a little bit more complicated than that. That’s why I wanted to get into it here with you. So this week I received a question from somebody who had done my spirit wild plant quiz. My spirit while playing quiz is something that I have I created i co created in reality with different wild plants out there plus wild plants that told me that they wanted to be spirit guides or they felt themselves as spirit guides. wild plants are pretty common all over the place, and they have some really particular characteristics which is why they’re such excellent spirit. Guides. And we’re talking about plants like dandelion and cocktail. These are plants that came to me a certain point and we started to talk about their various characteristics and realized that this was some easy way because these plants basically exist pretty much everywhere. This was a really easy way for people to connect and start their process of connecting back into plants. So connecting with these guides that want to work with you and oftentimes show up spontaneously in your life. In particular, right now I’m working very strongly with purslane, who decided to just randomly show up on my balcony, but personally, it has been known to do that every once in a while, shows up for a while, then disappears, then comes back a few years later and then disappears again. Right when I need personally the most, but we’re not here to talk about me. We’re here to talk about this question. So let me read the question that I received.
This person asked me this question because obviously the quiz has, you know, various different components. There’s activities, there’s exercises that come afterwards, there’s way to identify the plants, and also it talks about my course reconnect with the plant kingdom. This is my seminar course the course where I talk about, you know, all different aspects of plants and plant communication. So she says, when it comes to the course, I’m a bit cautious because I don’t think that understanding of plants can be taught in this way because communication with them is not measurable. It’s based more on faith and intuition. I thought this was an excellent, you know, kind of comment on her part, which was the fact of if like communication is something innate is something that we are all have the ability to do. Well, what are you trying to teach me? And I have to say that I really enjoyed the fact that she brought it down to faith and intuition, which are two elements that I completely agree with her are the first two elements that you yourself have to have one in a sense of faith in because if you do not believe that plank communication is possible, if you do not believe that you can actually communicate with a plant and have a two way conversation with plants. Then of course, none of this is going to work, like the course or any other teacher or anything that you learn about plants is not going to sort of shift that view set unless you truly step and ask yourself what does it mean for me to believe that plants can communicate because there is no kind of like, little magic piece of information that’s just going to come and say, you know, believe it now. So the first part of relating to faith is definitely something that you need to work on yourself, which the course does address but I’ll get there in a minute because I want to talk more about the part of intuition. It is absolutely true that intuition is a big part of plant communication. When you’re working closely with plants, you know, plants are nonverbal. And so therefore, if you’re going to get into a conversation with a plant, you have to sort of follow some guidance that comes from some other place that’s not always directly from the plants and it’s usually coming directly from you. But that intuition is really connected to what form of communication are you going to be having with the plant in the sense that plants communicate using a whole range of different senses and have different mechanisms that we as humans have either shut down so we are no longer connected to our own ability to do this? Or really, it’s just under outside of our understanding our realm of knowledge and therefore we don’t really even know that it’s possible to communicate in this way. So the intuition is more than anything to try to understand how to navigate the various channels of communication and then find the channel that works best for you. And that’s exactly what reconnect with the plant kingdom was designed to do. Reconnect with a plant kingdom has a series of modules that has seven different modules. And in each one of these modules, I go bit by bit, giving you information about how plants operate on a physical level and on a spiritual level. What is it about the way that plants think the way that plants operate the way that plants observe? And then more than anything, what is the way that they can then communicate out with other species including humans, and I do this because many of the aspects of plant intelligence plant consciousness plant knowledge plants, even going out into the world and experiencing plants is sort of based on the idea of a one way communication, the communication is plants. Talk to me, and that’s already elite for so many people. Right? If you think about you know, the kind of gardening community always says I talk to my plants, but they don’t really think that the plant is listening, not in a way that is kind of back and forth. Or it’s the opposite. I go out into nature I sit, I sit under a tree and I receive and therefore the communication so it’s almost always one directional. That has been the focus for so many people. For some people, it’s just I communicate to the plant and the plant hears and reacts from the way that they grow or such like that. Or I just sit and listen to the plants and the way it goes back. Reconnect with the plant kingdom was built with the idea was all constructed working very closely with spider plant my business partner around the idea of a two way conversation. How do we have something that’s interactive between our species? So the first part of it is giving you the science, the science around how is it that plants from a physiological perspective, operate? How do they, you know, how do they interact with other species? What is their day to day life? Like what can they observe, what can they react to and all these different parts? So for example, one of the modules is around plant perception and plants, senses and really expanding beyond the five senses that we as humans have to start to understand what are the plant senses, the ones that we’ve already recognized? And of course, opening up to the possibility of other senses that science today kind of has started to observe that plants have the ability to do certain things, but they don’t know how the plants do that. There’s also an entire module that’s around ecosystem relationships, right? How do plants interact with other species inside of an ecosystem? How do I create the world in which I’m in and how do I interact with that world? You know, we have to remember that plants have so many different types of relationships that they have to monitor that they have to construct that they have to nourish and they have to be nourished from us because plants are sessile they can’t move. So sharing this type of information starts to open you to the realization that there are more ways for you to follow your intuition. It is not just a let me sit and receive and I don’t know for some it’s going to come in images and it’s using the kind of Claire census which is definitely one part of it. But there are also chemical signatures and chemical communications that are happening. There are geothermal communications that are happening. There are sent communications that are happening, which I guess that would be chemical soon, but there are others that are happening through that and that from there. If I feel called to I can start to learn how to work with so the course is really working on how do I use all of my senses, because now I’ve started to understand how plants use their senses and therefore we can create a dialogue. And this is an extremely important aspect of that intuition. So when a person when when I come in, I teach you plant communication or when any teacher out there really tries to teach you plant communication, the good ones, what they’re doing is teaching you or making you aware of possible channels of communication. So that part relating to your intuition and your faith, that’s you right. So you have to trust in yourself to be able to do this you have to follow your inner guidance of which channel but most people are not aware really of all the possible channels that you could have with a plants when you want to connect especially at a long distance. What are the channels that plants use from a physical level, but also from a spiritual level? I mean, I’m not going to you know, I’m not going to hide that. Obviously, you know, I am a teacher of Kabbalah and I used to teach sacred geometry I live in Dominica are one of the world’s largest spiritual eco communities. I am you know, somebody who teaches in our inner sciatic school so therefore, the esoteric sciences is something I am very well aware of. And addition to that, I’m also a music Engineer. I am a person who has studied plant can use plant intelligence and many different aspects of different forms of communication. So I mix all of that together. So when we’re talking about for example, the ability to communicate at a distance I will use known sort of spiritual studies as well as known physiological ways that we can communicate at a distance, which does not include picking up the phone because the plant doesn’t have hands to pick up the phone. Okay, that was a really bad joke, but you get my concepts. My concept is that what really a course like reconnect with the plant kingdom is teaching you is about what are the mechanisms and then going one step further from there to teach you what are the possibilities for using those mechanisms. So what does healing and adapting to change look like? What does it mean to be an interdependent individual? In other words, I am an individual, but I live within an ecosystem of plants as an individual that lives in an ecosystem. How can I use that to communicate back and forth with the plant and more importantly also what lessons can I learn about that from my own for my own life, right for how I adapt to situations for how I work, so also the whole aspect of food? And is there a communication, especially a two way communication that’s happening in the realm of food? I mean, when we think about plants, we have to recognize the fact that they make up the majority of our diets for some people, the entire diet. And so therefore, what does that communication look like from a nourishment perspective? From a what I should eat perspective, from a connection? And being a part of the cycle in the web of life perspective? How do we get into these and how do I navigate these channels in order for me to be really comfortable with the choices that I make and to be nourished both emotionally, physically, and also spiritually from these connections being made? So as you can see, plant communication isn’t simply let me go sit with a plant whether in nature or at home, and let me receive a verbal message or let me receive some kind of feeling. It is way more than that. It is about learning and having a interactive experience. It is about creating partnerships and collaborations. It is about the ability for you to not only be the student when it comes to a plant, but also to be the teacher or to be the Business Monitor partner. That’s the word I was looking for. Like spider plant is with me, right? We have a business relationship and a healing relationship. Those are the two relationships that I have with spider plant, as opposed to known Indra Sanya, the relationship that I’m having is one right now more of student I am a student. So in this case, I am receiving from no danger Senya where instead from spider plant, there is two ways you know it’s an interaction that’s happening with that plant. Gary, the spider plant is a spider plant. Okay, Gary the silver for today. I’m having a problem with words. Have you noticed that? I think I need to slow down. This is what happens. I get really excited about these topics. I get really emotional to a certain extent. And I get very, I feel very expensive and therefore my human words start to kind of collide in my head because really what I want to do is paint you a picture. I want to paint you a drawing and if you’re watching this, I want to show you this drawing because I feel like that’s a better way to express everything that I want to say. And that’s the reason also why the arts is the third part of reconnect with the plant wisdom. So there’s the science behind it. There’s the spirituality or the esoteric sciences that are there. And then there is the modes of expression that are connected to the arts. How do we use the arts as part of that two way conversation? And most more than anything, how do we use it to step out of our own human logic? So as you can see, plant communication is very, very, very fast. And the things that you can learn are way beyond what we think of I mean, plants have had to solve problems for their entire lives right not only their entire lives their entire existence. Plants are 470 million years old. And there have been crisis after crisis after crisis happening because of their style, right? Land changes, temperature changes. The conditions of the area change humans come animals come other plants come there is a constant shifting that’s happening so they’ve lived through pandemics and pollution and blights and famines, droughts, abundance, massive abundance in every which way. So you have to really step into a different form of thinking to understand how they have developed these solutions. And more than anything, they’re also incredibly powerful problem solvers in the sense of helping to you to explore a problem and get to its real essence. Because again, plants don’t really put in a sort of light solution, right? Plants are constantly looking for the source of what’s going on in order for them to adapt to that main source of that that is generating the problem or the issues of this case. So they have had to learn how to how to deal with a crisis or any kinds of issues in a way that is not superficial at all. How do you when do you accept it? When do you adapt? When do you die off? And as a matter of fact, one of the entire modules is connected to life and death cycles. Because we as humans have a innate fear connected to death. We have this belief system that death is something that although we have talked about it as being maybe beautiful, or if you believe in reincarnation, it’s something that is a part of my life, but in the end, I am afraid of it because of the loss and that happens both with my own death as well as the death of others around me. Plants have a very different relationship with death and we can see that in the way that they the way that they create their seeds. We see that in the way that they choose which parts of their body to let die off or when to regenerate. You see that also in the way that they adapt by mutating by letting go of some characteristics and embracing other types of characteristics. So there are many things about the life and death process that we can learn from plants. And this is also a form of communication, especially when we learn how to share our own experiences and the plant is able then working with you to express in a way that makes sense to you. Help you process through feelings and sensations and belief systems that you will have had that have come from your conditioning. So really planned communication is an extremely broad subject that is it more about the ability to have more frames of reference in the sense of all of these amazing plants that live with us than just narrowing yourself down to either I talk to my plants in order to get the plant to grow well, or I receive some cosmic message from the plants that you know for all of humanity. There is a lot of room in between there and that’s exactly the point of communicating and having this type of relationship with plants. So I just wanted to share that because I think that it is sometimes when we see things like a plant communication course or something like reconnect with the plant kingdom we have we ask ourselves, What am I going to get out of it? And then I think okay, well I’ll learn how to communicate with the plant and then what the plant is going to tell me if the plant needs more water or the plant is going to give me some galactic message that comes from the universe. That’s all beautiful and important stuff but what okay, but there is way, way, way more than that. And when you start to look into it from a physiological perspective, from a spiritual perspective, and you have tools like the arts in order to express that and start to shift your mindset start to understand, you are going to find yourself expanding in ways you never even thought possible. So if you have a chance, go over and go look at reconnect with the plant kingdom. It is a you know, at your own pace course. It’s inside of blooming sprouts, which is a part of the naturally conscious community. And I actually changed the course a few years ago when I designed the course originally, it had a static component and a live component. And then at some point I went on demand and I recorded all the videos and I recorded all the information and you have exercises, you have activities, you have information. You have many different ways of interacting with the course. But that live component for me was missing. I feel like it’s extremely important because you’re going to be learning things that are completely outside of the realm of what you know or understand. So every month I do a plant inspired masterclass. And in this plant inspired masterclass, we start to dig deeper into the topics that are most important to you. So you have the entire library of all the past courses whenever you go and whenever you join. And you also have all the future master classes of which the topics are picked from the subjects the questions that you have the issues that you’re looking into the things you really want to learn to continue expansion. So this course really never ends. You have all the seven modules that exist for the course you have all the activities and the lessons and all of the meditations and all the other pieces that are connecting to it. You also have me because it’s in a private environment inside of blooming sprouts so you can always ask questions and talk with the other students. But you and and, and and and above everything else you have these plants inspired masterclasses every month to go deeper into new subject matter because there’s always new stuff that’s popping up. There’s always new ways to look at it. There’s new science to explore. So all you have to do is go over to reconnect with the plant kingdom on my website and you will see all the information. You’ll also find it inside of the naturally conscious community under blooming sprouts, you get the reconnect with the plant kingdom, you also get the plant inspired masterclasses. There’s also some other courses in there that are a little extras and you get everything that’s in seedling sprouts and in the free part of the naturally conscious community. So I would really love to hear from you especially since I’m always looking for material for new masterclasses what are the things you want to know about the most? What does plant communication look like for you? But before we go, and we wrap everything up, I want to share with you one of our Eco conscious business partners. I think we can all agree that music is the true universal language. In fact, what we think of as language is actually musicality. And I would argue that plants may be the greatest composers of all. By using the music of the plants device plants are now able to share their healing and communicate with us in a language we can understand. Music of the plants now has different devices to experiment with. Whether you’re a musician looking to play along with your plant friends, a healer who wants to enhance their practice, we’re simply curious. In the shownotes, you’ll find a link to purchase the right device for you, such as this bamboo M. There are also all sorts of fun extras such as downloadable interspecies music and plant music merchandise, so click on the link to the music of the plants in the show notes to discover how you can start making music with your plants today. Okay, so that just about wraps up everything for this episode of reconnect with plant wisdom. What do you now think about plant communication? I’d love to hear Have you ever tried? Would you consider a course? What are the topics that are most important for you to learn? And what are the things that you would want continuing education on in the form of these master classes? What would you want them to express? I want to hear your thoughts. So let me know in the comments. You can also come into the naturally conscious community and share your ideas and your thoughts there. The NCC is a super supportive ecosystem that is really created for these types of discussions to discuss new ways of living, new ways of being and new ways of CO creating with the plant King home. So that’s it that’s me Tigrilla gardenia, enjoy. I hope you had fun with this episode and remember, resist the urge to hold back your evolving green brilliance.

Thanks for listening to this episode of reconnect with plant wisdom, Intro and Outro Music by Steve Shuli and poinsettia from the singing Life of Plants. So join me to give you like our Dania and my plant collaborators next time on reconnect with plant wisdom

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