Plant Consciousness Commentary: The Sentience of Plants Animal Rights and Rights of Nature Intersecting?

The Sentience of Plants: Animal Rights and Rights of Nature Intersecting?

When it comes to recognizing plant rights before the law, there are many different areas to consider. This paper offers an interesting view into the possible discussions that will need to happen in the future by using as a reference animal rights and rights of nature discussions. “Michael Marder suggests that the de-objectification of plants is a necessary step toward the articulation of the inherent worth and dignity of this entire taxonomic kingdom of non-human living others.”

There is so much we need to understand before we can fairly offer rights to all beings. What is clear is that we can use some of the more established animal rights and rights of nature movements to offer ideas and possibilities.

Topics Covered about animal rights and plant rights

  • Earth Jurisprudence
  • Recognition of rights to more than human
  • Where law and science meet
  • Plant sentience

Watch my commentary of the major arguments around
plant rights, animal rights, and rights of nature:

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Pelizzon, Alessandro & Gagliano, Monica. (2015). The Sentience of Plants: Animal Rights and Rights of Nature Intersecting?. Australian Animal Protection Law Journal. 11. 5-13.

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