Plant Consciousness Commentary: The distinctive capacities of plants: re-thinking difference via invasive species pt2

The distinctive capacities of plants: re-thinking difference via invasive species pt.2

Part 2 of this paper took a very unexpected turn!

The actual application part was… how shall I say… terrifying. Who knew that eradication processes for invasive species in Australia were so intense! It would make for a fascinating television series. 

We got through it, and on to the conclusion, which was more what we wanted to hear. While the practices used for invasive species control in Australia today are super intense, the hope is that with more thoughts like those proposed in this paper, we can find more plant-centric ways to look at the problem.

As the authors themselves point out, this particular paper is looking at everything through a human lens. If we are going to find a better approach, we need to at least understand what the plant lens looks like.

What do you think we should do about invasive species? And what would a plant-centric approach even look like? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Topics Covered about capacities of plants

  • Eradication of invasive species
  • Australian weed officers
  • Rubber vine problem
  • New ways of conviviality with aggressive plant species

Discover the what happens to invasive species in Australia:

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View the paper here

Google Scholar: Head, L., Atchison, J., & Phillips, C. (2015). The distinctive capacities of plants: Re‐thinking difference via invasive species. Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers, 40(3), 399-413.

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