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The Highest Predictor of Happiness

I found this quote the other day by Dr. Prilleltensky, professor and expert on health and well-being, and I thought of you…

“The highest predictor of happiness

is the quality of your relationships to people close to you.”

He probably meant “human” people, but I took it to mean all types of persons: human, plant, animal, rock, etc., etc., etc.

It got me thinking about one of my favorite areas of study—after plant intelligence, of course—Positive Psychology.

Did you know there was such a thing?

Today, when we talk about mental health, we usually mean that you’re languishing with negative experiences, which aren’t necessarily a mental illness, but still feel like an absence of well-being. As a result, we only talk about mental health when something is going wrong. How will that get you to happiness?

(Remember how I told you in episode 25 of the ReConnect with Plant Wisdom podcast that we need a new vocabulary? This is one of the reasons why!)

Dr. Corey Keyes, the founder of this field, has given positive mental health a name, as well: FLOURISHING. It refers to a state where you have a solid sense of well-being. “We flourish when we cultivate our talents and strengths, develop deep and meaningful relationships, feel pleasure and enjoyment, and make a meaningful contribution to the world.”

Exactly where you want to be, right?!

This doesn’t mean you don’t have down moments or periods of sadness. You’re human, and these are parts of the natural ebbs and flows of life. But happiness doesn’t feel remote.

What is different is that when you are flourishing, these dips feel temporary. You feel supported and know you can move through them, therefore you are not afraid to fully embrace the experience to come out the other end evolved.

I named the membership level that includes everything the Naturally Conscious Community has to offer Flourishing Sprouts with this in mind. Members are current and past mentorship clients, which means we’ve worked closely together to evolve into a state of Flourishing in life.

We focus on all levels of well-being, such as Emotional well-being, Social well-being, and Psychological well-being, in whatever way feels good to them. Being multipotentialites that don’t want to do things using the old paradigm, it is super important to me that they have everything they need to forge their own paths.

And let’s not forget the Spiritual well-being! To understand our purpose in the world, in the universe even, we need to feel safe enough to explore it.

Dr. Prilleltensky says, “Interacting with nature promotes positive feelings, since it takes us out of ourselves and immerses us in a larger world.”

Happiness is more than what you do

I would add that we can’t just interact, we need to recognize ourselves as part of the natural world. And it is this happiness that clears the way for you to see yourself as something bigger than the daily humdrum, and ultimately, find the path to purpose.

These are the elements you need to Flourish. This is what I want to help you achieve.

When you’re ready to evolve into positive mental health and live a flourishing life, I am here—me and all the Flourishing Spouts! Book a discovery call to decide how to work together.

Resist the Urge to Hold Back Your Evolving Green Brilliance!

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