Pando, the world's largest tree - colony of quaking aspens

Do you know Pando?

Pando is the world’s largest tree….

Yep, that’s right, everything you see in the photo above is actually one gigantic tree with lots and lots and lots and lots of trunks!

“Pando is a quaking aspen clone comprised of over 40,000 stems. Stems which appear to us as individual trees, but in fact, are one part of a genetically identical tree that spreads out over 106 acres and is connected by a massive interwoven root system.”

Friends of Pando

It is hard to estimate ki’s age. I’ve seen reports that put ki at 80,000 years, while other websites have scientists telling us that ki is a maximum of 12,000 years old. Whatever the number, Pando is OLD, and should be able to live on indefinitely.

Unfortunately, Pando is shrinking. The reasons why are plentiful: human intervention on the landscape, temperature, ecosystem imbalances…

All this sums up to Pando needs help. But up until now, the efforts to bring attention to this amazing being have failed. So rather than continue going the rational, scientific route, the non-profit, Friends of Pando, chose another path…

Enter the arts to express what cannot be understood with words alone.


During a storm, a hydrophone was placed near Pando’s roots to detect vibrations passing through the soil.

Close your eyes. Listen to the culmination of millions of leaves trembling in the wind, sending vibrations down to the roots.

Leaves of Pando -Vibrations

How did your relationship with Pando shift when you listened to ki?

Do you see ki differently now?

Our hearts and minds process information very differently. Argumentation goes through layers of logic, introducing confusion at every turn. The arts, like an arrow, pierce straight through to the emotions. Hence why jeff Rice was called in as an artist-in-residence to create an audio portrait of Pando. The hope was that hearing ki would evoke a different sensation than simply seeing the pictures, one that could trigger awareness and action.

Sound offers a much more visceral experience of Pando’s aliveness—one you can more easily relate to. Musicality is the root of all language, therefore the most primitive form of communication. Once you feel Pando, you feel like you know Pando. This familiarity remains with you.

Now, you are no longer talking about Pando as an object. You see Pando as a person, which prepares the landscape for rational thought—a window of opportunity to present your request for support with much less resistance. Such is the power of art to open the mind.

This is how Pando is using creative expression. How are you using yours?

Whether you want to take a project forward, build a business, or even simply create more compelling content, even though these may not seem like it, they are all creative endeavors. Everything you do, from spirituality to housecleaning could benefit from some alternative thinking! Creativity is exercise for the mind, stretching and moving it in different directions.

Whether you are a seasoned artist or have never used the arts at all, I created a supportive and stimulating environment in the Sprouts Writing Group (in Seedling Sprouts) to experiment with creativity. Every week, we come together to push the limits of creative expression with words, visual arts, and whatever else comes to mind.

Take a look here at an example of our creations.
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Writing, painting, drawing, poetry, movement, crafting, music, sculpture… anything you heart desires is possible in this safe space. Use this everchanging forum to harness new facets of your artistic potential to be used for personal evolution, project development, and daily inspiration.

Writing Time happens every Wednesday and Budding Artistry happens every second Wednesday in the Sprouts Writing Group, a part of Seedling Sprouts. Join us, we love getting drop-ins!

Seedling Sprouts logo in the Naturally Conscious Community

The Sprouts Writing Group (in Seedling Sprouts) is focused on supporting your creative expression. We meet Wednesdays and use prompts and free writing with no critique or feedback. Through the power of creativity, emotions are channeled, ideas are explored, and personal narratives are unveiled. 

On the second Wednesday of the month, we nurture our Budding Artistry, where we use the arts–design, poetry, dance, and other forms of creative expression–in place of traditional writing.

On the fourth Tuesday, we host a Creative Greenhouse, where workshop together a member submitted work. This is the place to get help on a book, article, presentation, or project you are working on. 

Drop ins always welcome. Select Seedling Sprouts to try it free the first month.
(Only $3 USD/month after, cancel anytime.)

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