ReConnect with Plant Wisdom podcast Ep.35 Weird is your Extraordinary Superpower!

Ep.35 Weird is your Extraordinary Superpower!

I know weird. I have been called weird my entire life. And you know what? I wear it like a badge of honor. Because my unique set of characteristics is what allows me to achieve my Life Purpose.

Every individual contributes to the world in their own way. You need to recognize that once you give yourself permission to follow your own personal path, in whatever way your mind gets you there, you will be free of the weight of what others think you should be, and embrace who you truly are.

In this episode, I share the importance of recognizing your own unique characteristics and how to reframe the idea of challenges into liberations, rather than limitations. If you are ready to embrace and celebrate your diversity, rather than labeling it as “weird” or “neurodiverse”, you are going to love this episode!

Topics Covered about being weird

  • Who you are is how you accomplish your Life Purpose.
  • Every species in an ecosystem has a function, no matter how strange.
  • There are always individuals outside of the cookie-cutter shapes.
  • Weird is how you express your individuality.

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Welcome to ReConnect with Plant Wisdom. I am your host, Tigrilla Gardenia, Nature-Inspired Mentor and Leadership Coach. In this podcast, I share ancient and modern knowledge, from biology to spirituality, about the wondrous ways plants can help you lead a Naturally Conscious Life.

The origin of the story in order for you to understand AI well besides that, you could already assume that you know understand that I am weird. I mean that’s that’s a fact of life. I have been called Weird my entire life in so many ways. And for me it was always a kind of a badge of honor. Right? Weird different, unusual, strange.

You can just like the gambit of all the different words that you can imagine that came out of it. And okay, so there was a period of time when I was really young that it was, you know, an insult or you know, I’ve come home crying because people would call me names and all kinds of different things. Yes, I was bullied as a kid.

A lot more than one day. I’ll tell you those stories because there really are a lot of stories around that. But the point being is that other than some of the more difficult things that are connected to probably my body dysmorphia, and other aspects of it weird was never one that felt bad for me personally. So it was interesting as I kind of went through life and started to hear more and more people around me, who I thought were amazing and interesting and colorful and unique. Using these this word weird as if it was an insult. Like, I can’t even tell you how many of my clients come to me at first saying, Yeah, I’m the weird one in the family as like it’s a badge of shame on them. When weird is exactly what makes you the not only unique but super powerful human being that you actually are and that’s what I want to get into today. I want you to walk away from this you know, Episode understanding that you want to lean in to your weirdness not back away from your weirdness. And here’s why.

In an ecosystem, when you look at an ecosystem, there are all types of functions. I mean, there are extremely complex ways of functioning. Sure, there are some functions like okay, plants produce oxygen that happen. That happens in an ecosystem. You have plants, lots of plants that create oxygen, but some plants create also I mean, sorry, some plants also create carbon dioxide. In other words, they reverse the way that they breathe at night. So you have these different functions from what we think of are the absolute norm. You have lots of different plants that have a whole host of different ways of being you have for example, ghost pipe, so beautiful little plants that has no chlorophyll, right this is a plant that comes out completely white, no chlorophyll whatsoever right does not photosynthesize, but lives off of the relationship with others. You have plants that live underground most of their lives and maybe only flour once like not even flour come up once in a lifetime, but their entire ecosystem everything that they do. And produce and how they live is underground.

You have the corpse flower very famous, well known flower gigantic flower that only only flowers every so often. And this flower smells like decomposing mammals. I mean, it’s got a horrendous smell. It has even though it’s the world’s largest flower so it’s like putting itself out there. Ki is putting themselves out there show like at look at me here and smell me also. Right and yet this is a plant that we would consider weird we have devils tooth, right. That is a plant that has this sort of bleeding like surface and and it has these type of spores or injections that you know have had, you just have to see it. It’s just you just have to see it. So all of these types of plants from the perspective of what we as humanity today would think of are neuro diverse. They’re diverse. They’re their expression is different and unique. And yet carnivorous plants is another great example. Right?

But yet what they offer their ecosystems are specific pieces of that that ecosystem has needed in order to be able to adapt and be resilient to the overall system. And this is the way that you should look at your weirdness. Your weirdness is connected to a series of individual traits that you might have, propensities that you might have for certain kinds of subject matter ways. That you express yourself or that you process data, all of these different things which today we have labeled in so many ways weird neuro diverse, strange, you know, and we have called them in many different terms. There’s been actually even lots of periods of time where we’ve used really horrible terms to describe these as if there was something completely wrong. I’m gonna give you example of of one of the children that lives here in domande her actually he’s a grown man now it’s mazing for me, because when I came he was just a little boy and to see him now as a grown man.

And he has, you know, a series of what today we would consider to be diseases, right? He has Prader Willi he has and he has this very unique way of seeing the world and I have to say that I find him fascinating to help me understand the world through completely different lens. conversations with him. Are they the same type of conversation that I would have with, you know, the majority of the people around me? No, it requires me to interpret what he is saying and how he’s expressing himself. But when I sit back and I give myself that chance to stop and listen, and I really listen to the way that he has interpreted or understood or is thinking about a specific topic, I’m always blown away because he has found areas of focus or have nuggets of knowledge, or even just has a complete worldview around that. That for me, is outside of my thinking and therefore so much more expensive. There is so much nourishment in that and does he struggle with day to day things that maybe other people might find easy? Sure. Why?

Because our world has been created around cookies, you know, like cookie cutter shapes that we’re supposed to shove everybody into but the truth of the matter is that those cookie cutter shapes don’t really fit, not even the people who think that they fit within the cookie cutter shapes. Many of those people have actually forced themselves to fit into those cookie cutter shapes, rather than the cookie showed cutter shapes, being something that was natural and easy for them. Right. This is the reason I talk all the time about Reem body and your natural intelligence. Your natural intelligence doesn’t work within most of these cookie cutter shapes. There are always things that are outside of the cookie cutter shape, and therefore if we keep focusing on the idea that our plant that our entire worlds can be created in some kinds of boxes, we lose the richness of the diversity that is around us. And more importantly, each one of those elements of diversity brings with it a whole set of characteristics and powers that if we were to put those together, we would have a much more exciting and rich tapestry of life, rather than trying to cut them out and create something that is not just bland and boring.

So this isn’t really about just this sort of superficial perspective, but there’s a depth that’s missing because in those differentiating shades in all of those characteristics and talents and skills, and sometimes hyperfocused stuff and sometimes really aloof. There are different levels of depth in there that we can’t get to without that type of mentality. neurotypical for example is a term I’m going to read the definitions that I have found is a term that’s used to describe individuals with typical neurological development. Or functioning. It is not specific to any particular group, including us Autism Spectrum Disorder, by the way. In other words, it’s not used to describe individuals who have autism or other developmental differences. So they can’t even really come up with a term that makes sense because if you read this definition, it’s just saying that neurotypical is basically anything that is not neurodiverse neurodiverse says, neurodiversity is a word used to explain the unique way people’s brains work.

Seriously, if I had to choose a definition, neurotypical is a term that’s used to describe individuals with typical neurological development, or if I had to choose neuro diversity is a word used to explain the unique way people’s brains work. Which one would you choose? Just think about it for a second. Which one would you choose? Because I know which one I would choose. Well, and that goes on to say, well, everyone’s brain develops similarily. Similarly, no two brains functional like being neurodivergent means having a brain that works differently from the error average or neurotypical person. But is that really true? Because if no two brains are in the case of where we are looking at things much more expensive. No two minds are the same. Because remember, we said that even the same species of plant growing only really right next to one another, each one of those expressions is going to be completely different. Each one of those plants is going to have a completely unique way of experiencing the world based on how much nourishment what happened, what genes got turned on and off that same seed that was put in that came from maybe the same original plants and two seeds that got placed will have very different expressions, right in front of me.

I have two Aloe plants that both came from the same plant. Vera is the name of their mother and Vera plant, right gave birth to Gina and Zan and Jayna and Zan are completely different. Gina is big and bushy and multiple levels, but you know one center with multiple levels now where instead Zan is much more off to the side and has a few pieces like few areas of growth on one side but no growth on the other. They are two plants that came from the same plant Veda and yet, these two plants express themselves completely different. So if we really think that no two minds are the same, then does neurotypical really exist. And if neurotypical doesn’t exist then isn’t weird. Just an expression of your own individuality. And therefore weird is the way that you present your powers to the world. Just take a minute to think about it. And I want you to think about it. But first I want to share with you one of our Eco conscious business partners, because even they support are weird. And when you support them, you’re supporting more weirdness in the world.

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Okay, welcome back. So here is the thing that I discovered. I discovered this a few years ago actually it was it was I remember the day that I was that I was working on a project. And I had this flash of intuition that came up and I started to look at the people around me I was looking at I was watching also I was watching on television I remember what triggered it. I remember a television show that I was watching that was talking about people who were developmentally as they were calling it disabled. I personally have always called it diversity abled, and I was thinking about their diversity abled senses. And these particular people were a family that were had a degenerative disorder where their bodies they were confined to wheelchairs and their bodies were slowly deteriorating and certain kinds of muscular dexterity and a few other things.

And I found it fascinating because each one of the members was a mother, a father and a daughter. And each one of them had developed a whole series of really interesting characteristics and talents. One was a painter and the other one was a musician and, and the other one I don’t remember I think was a writer or something like this. And it was really interesting the way of course, that the young girl painted the way that she expressed her creativity and I was watching this and I was thinking I would have never gotten there. And I was like what an extraordinary she was talking about her life. And she was talking about it from the perspective of the abilities the things that she was able to express about her life and in in some ways thanks to her disease. Thanks to this. This this what seemed to others as confinement into a wheelchair pushed her to really look at her body differently and not to use many of the norms that we have, right? I’m supposed to write with my hands. I am supposed to paint in this particular way I hold a paintbrush in this way I do stuff because she didn’t have the ability to do that she was allowed to she gave herself that permission to just use her whole body and whatever the body would allow to express.

So you know, sometimes holding things with her mouth sometimes using her feet sometimes using her hands or what was a bit what ability what movements she had, you know, and and the family at one point was dancing and they were dancing all three in their wheelchairs. And I was thinking to myself, Wow, how amazingly beautiful that they’ve liberated themselves from all of the constraints that we give them. We we give ourselves we tell ourselves that dancing looks like this or that movement. Looks like this. When I was in college. I remember since I have a degree in music engineering, so it was in the School of Music. And I remember watching one of my favorite bands where the lead singer was blind. And I loved watching him because I recognize that because he had never been able to see anybody dance before. His dancing was all original. The way he moved his body was based on his relationship to the music, not copying anybody else. Not trying to be like anybody else. Not using some or being afraid of expressing himself because somebody else would see him. He couldn’t see anybody. And so he wasn’t thinking about anybody seeing him. He was just letting himself move to the music. And this is when I started to think and I started to understand what if, what if what today we’re calling problems disabled neurodiverse all these things are instead the talents that you’re being given so that you can accomplish your life purpose.

What if every single one of these quote unquote challenges is really a liberation of the neurotypical world of the world of or of the the the abled world limits on how I’m supposed to do things? What if this has permission to be yourself? Look, your mind is going to work the way it works. You’re not going to be able to just change your mind into something else. So there’s no point in hiding or trying to force yourself to be something that you’re not. If you have certain ideas if you have certain passions, if you experience the world through a specific lens. If you want to go out and see a lot of people and then hide for five days. If you want to draw with your toes. If you want to get in contact with the earth by rolling on the ground if you want to listen to the sound of spider plants.

So what what if this is all the way you were meant to tap into whatever it is that you’re supposed to accomplish for your life purpose, but the people that love you are going to love you for whatever you are. They’re going to love you for everything you do and everything that you are and they’re going to trust. So isn’t it better for you to lean into these expressions, to explore them, to work with them to flow with them to let this be your evolution? As we were talking about previously in a previous episode.
This is the way you were meant to express yourself. There is nothing wrong with you. On the contrary, you came in to this planet to help everyone else through that unique superpower that makes you weird and isn’t that amazing? Isn’t that amazing? Because when you start working with this sure challenges are going to come up maybe you know you don’t have the dexterity to do something or maybe you’re not somebody who’s going to be on in the spotlight all the time because you can’t handle that. But so what so what lean into it, what are you going to be able to do? What are you going to be able to share with us? Where is this going to take you? If you not just accept it, but use it, work with it, experience it, move in. Get out of the frustration and the anger and the app, change the paradigm around us change the system, make the system work for you. Push be allow yourself to be seen be visible. Let that weirdness completely flow.

I love working with weird clients I we say in the naturally conscious community that weird and woo are our street our extraordinary superpowers and I want these to be your superpowers. I want to help you. I want to help you navigate the world and create a world that allows you to express yourself at 110% that none of these things become limits but instead they become Empowerments. So, you be you let your weirdness flow and if you need help. I’m here the whole naturally conscious communities here because we’re all weird. We’re all weird in there. We’re all weird in different ways. And I want to help you be the bestest, weirdest self that you could possibly be. So remember always to resist the urge to hold back your evolving green brilliance.

I want to hear what your weird superpower is. So please leave me a comment. Also, join the naturally conscious community and join the conversation there. Let your weirdness flow. Let it be your guiding star. And if you know other weird people who could benefit from this conversation, who want to find other weird, unique thinking people and express themselves and figure out how to use this to accomplish their life purpose and to make the change that they were meant to make in the world. Then you like subscribe, share, invite, do all those special things because we need everyone to recognize that pretty soon weird is going to become the norm. Weird is what we all are because we are unique beings having a unique experience. And that is what makes the diversity of the world so exciting. All right, that’s me to get I got to Dania I hope you enjoyed this episode. Please let me know your thoughts share and we will talk again very very soon. Bye.

Thanks for listening to this episode of reconnect with plant wisdom, Intro and Outro Music by Steve Shuli and poinsettia from the singing Life of Plants. So join me to give you like our Dania and my plant collaborators next time on reconnect with plant wisdom

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