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Toward A Plant Advocacy Movement

There is not currently a coordinated plant advocacy movement. While there is growing involvement by different groups, individuals, and organizations to bring awareness to the sentience of plants, their ethical treatment, and plant personhood, their activities are disconnected. 

In this report, Paul Moss, executive director and founding member of The Plant Initiative, proposes a plant advocacy movement that would challenge the dominant anthropocentric worldview and promote a more respectful and compassionate relationship with plants.  He highlights what a plant advocacy movement could focus on, the potential benefits of bringing together various factions, and where we could borrow from in order–such as the animal advocacy movement–get it jumpstarted.

Going through this report, with its list of goals, strategies, and challenges, I better understand the importance of the conversations and activities we carry out here, in the Naturally Conscious Community. In essence, we are a bottom-up movement, and throughout the discussion, I explain why I feel like we are already contributing in first person to plant advocacy around the world. 

I look forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments about what are unique benefits of our Sprouting community and how we are, in all essence, already a movement.

Topics Covered about plant advocacy:

  • Why a united plant advocacy movement is necessary.
  • Who is currently participating in advocacy like activities.
  • Where other movements could plant advocacy draw from

My Commentary on plant advocacy:

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View the paper here

Moss, Paul. 2023. “Toward A Plant Advocacy Movement” A Plant Initiative Report: 10.5840/envirophil20184965

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